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Software IPv6 Router in Rust for Mininet
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Software IPv6 Router in Rust

University of Cambridge Part II (3rd Year) Dissertation

The router itself is called Luyou, and the test framework Luxing, with a test client called Luxingke and test server called Luxingfu.

For more information please check out my dissertation in ./dissertation/

To run the router: Build the router (under ./rust/router) Run ./ This will run the test in ./python/test/

Please note that [Mininet]{} must be installed for the test bench to run, but is not required by the router itself.

If you have any questions please email:


The code for Luyou and Luxing (excluding examples) is released under GPL - please see the individual files for specifics The dissertation.tex and all the *.pdf files under ./dissertation are not released under this GPL and are copyright Oliver Black 2018-2019

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