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Tools 4 Text

A collection of text manipulation and analysis tools, as seen on


Converts a number to words, in the specified language.

Accepts a positive integer, and returns the text equivalent in the specified language.

Example Usage:

num2words("en", 3015); // "three thousand and fifteen" (English)

num2words("roman", 1999); // "MCMXCIX" (Roman Numerals)

See individual tools4text-num2words-<language_code>.js files for language-specific notes and configuration options.

Implemented languages:

  • en English (UK)
  • roman Roman Numerals

Planned languages:

  • fr French
  • cn Chinese


Converts a time to words, in the specified language.

Accepts a String representation of a time, in "HH:MM" format, and returns the corresponding time in words.

JavaScript Date objects are also accepted, and handled automatically.

Example Usage:

time2words("en", "23:45"); // "quarter to midnight" (English)

Implemented languages:

  • en English