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a bot which tweets alphabetised movie lines from the cornell movie lines corpus
Python Shell
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Movie lines bot

What does it do? It tweets one line from an alphabetised list of movie dialogue every five minutes. It was a quick exercise to get my rusty head aroung Twitter bots in 2018 (as opposed to the last time I made them about 5 years ago...).

This bot can be found at @al_film_betical

The setup is fairly simple: I have a Dreamhost account, a Python script, and a file I want to read from. The bot runs as a cron job from my Dreamhost account once every 5 minutes.

Below are the bash instructions to set up this bot on Dreamhost. Most of the files have annotations.

You will need:

  • A username on Dreamhost with access to SSH (or another web provider who'll let you use cron). Note that my username and password have been masked here as 'my-bot' and 'my-dreamhost-server' respectively
  • A Twitter account set up with Developer credentials, and API keys (see here for a nice tutorial)

Note that this file was very useful in setting up my bot!

So, let's begin!

Log into your server via SSH ssh # enter password

Install Python3
(detailed instructions here)

cd ~
mkdir tmp
cd tmp
tar zxvf Python-3.6.2.tgz 
cd Python-3.6.2 
./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt/python-3.6.2
make install
cd ~
nano .bash_profile
# add the following line
export PATH=$HOME/opt/python-3.6.2/bin:$PATH
# ctrl-O to save; enter to confirm; ctrl-x to close; now we're back to bash
# check we have the right python
which python3 
python3 --version
pip3 install --upgrade pip # just to be sure we're up to date
pip3 install virtualenv # not actually necessary, comes pre-installed

Now to make the bot!

virtualenv movielinesbot
cd movielinesbot
pip install tweepy

in a separate shell window create a test file named (just contains print("Hello World")) on local machine

# cd to folder
cd /Users/o/Documents/github-root/bots/movielinesbot/
# scp upload file
# enter password

back to the ssh shell:


if it prints "Hello World" - success!

now scrabble to write python code

I made several files:

  • movie_lines-alphabetised.txt - a clean "movie lines" document - all duplicates removed

  • lines_read.csv - a log file (to log time, number of tweets posted, and tweet content)

  • - a script to post tweets

  • - a bash script to activate the virtualenv, run the python script with authentication, and then deactivate the virtualenv. this isn't included in GitHub as it has my bot credentials in it - you'll have to look through the file here and make some changes to it with your credentials!

  • Change the to be named

  • Put your access keys, secrets and tokens into the bits marked YOUR_TOKEN_HERE etc

  • Change the filepaths to point to the ones you set up earlier

  • then scp entire folder to dreamhost (from non-ssh window):

scp *

back to the ssh window! We need to make the script executable:

chmod +x

then test it:


If it works you'll see a tweet on your account. If not, something messed up and you need to google around and see what went wrong...

Setting a Cron job on Dreamhost

See here for help with this

This is my Cron command - it just fires up the cron in my Dreamhost panel

sh /home/my-bot/movielinesbot/ > /dev/null

Mine runs every five minutes. You can fire yours up whenever you like.

I hope this helps! Enjoy. :)

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