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A live code loader for Espruino - use your favorite Editor/IDE
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Espruingo is a live code loader for Espruino ( - run once and it will monitor the target file, sending changes to your Espruino board on each file save. Use your favorite Editor/IDE.

Also provides console output from Espruino - plugin and connect to Espruino to monitor output.

Written in Go (1.5).

Key Features

  • Source file monitoring, files uploaded to Espruino board on save
  • Module loading, recursively fetches and loads minified versions of the modules from
  • Minification before sending code to Espruino board
  • Console output in terminal


You need a Go environment and to download and install the source. There are binaries, check the binaries folder and the README in there.

  • go get
  • go install


Intended to run as a binary, once installed, make sure in your PATH so you can run like this:

espruingo <file to watch> <port name>

If not in path, seems if you have a Go environment setup properly, you can run like this (my MacBook):

./espruingo <file to watch> <port name>


Using the included esp.js file, assuming on a Macbook or Linux you might start it like this:

espruingo esp.js /dev/tty.usbmodemfa131

Make changes to esp.js and they are pushed to your board on file save


v0.9.1 - Changes to make compatible with new API of minify package (

v0.9.0 - Feature complete.

License & Copyright

Copyright Ollie Phillips 2015. MIT licensed.


Contributions welcome. Please fork and create a new branch for your development.

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