Easy form generator for the CodeIgniter framework
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FormIgniter v0.8 - http://formigniter.org - running on CI 2.0 Reactor

Formigniter takes away the drudge work of building your forms. You can now go
on to build the more interesting custom elements, session controls and data manipulation.


Copy the controller, view, models, libraries into your application directory of a CodeIgniter installation

Writting forms to files

If you want your built forms to be written to files please CHMOD the directory /forms at the base of the install.

Save statistics to a database

If you want to save a count of the number of forms built import the database schema from ./schema.sql

Change the constant DB in ./controllers/formigniter.php to TRUE.


If you'd like to request changes, report bug fixes, or contact
the developer of this library, email <orattue[at]toomanytabs.com>