A custom CodeIgniter installation with useful libraries, helpers, fixes, and layout modifications.
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CodeIgniter (2.1.0) Starting Point - Status = production ready

A custom CodeIgniter installation with useful libraries, helpers, fixes, and useful modifications to the standard distributed code released by Ellis Labs.

Changes and Additions

CI settings
- Saving session data to db
- Autoloading helpers, libraries, and config files

CI restructuring
- Moved application/config/database.php to application/config/database.php-default

- Mod_Rewrite rules to create pretty urls

- None policy so access is not allowed from other domains - e.g. flash

Git ignore
- Ignored application/config/database.php
- Ignored application/config/settings_environment.php
- Ignored log files
- Ignored cache files

Constants - Added useful info
- Website name and slogan
- Meta description and keywords
- Twitter & Blog RSS feeds
- Email address' - support, developer, system

Environment settings - application/config/system_environment.php
- Profiler ON/OFF
- Email error log ON/OFF

Added base controllers
- Frontend
- Admin
- Shared
- Debug
- Time - https://github.com/ollierattue/codeigniter-time-helper
- Form
- Tax helper (UK VAT rate)
- Page
- Template

- Links library - Save database table names into application/config/database_tables.php and the array key is then used in models. This means a table rename only needs to be updated in one place. 
- Autoresponder - https://github.com/ollierattue/codeigniter-autoresponder 
- SimpleLoginSecure auth library - http://codeigniter.com/wiki/SimpleLoginSecure/
- Router extension - allows controllers to have multiple directories - https://github.com/ollierattue/codeigniter-multi-level-controller-extension
- URI library extension - filter_uri() now allows url_encode characters
- Form validation extension - added greater_than_or_equal(), email_available() with ajax support, current_password_check()
- Log library extension - emails errors to developer - http://wpstorm.net/2009/05/email-log-messages-library-codeigniter/
- Session library extension - set_flashmessage() with 'success' or 'error' status which adds div formatting as applicable.
- DB utility library extension - fixed bug in csv_from_result() and added html encoding

Models and db 
- Countries db table and model

Controllers and views
- Admin login, dashboard, logout functionality
- Amnesia - forgotten password reset

- Structured in frontend, admin, and shared directories
- Useful generic helper and reset code
- Useful form, development, and flash_data styling

- jQuery
- Json js encode/decode functions

- Image directory with useful icons


- Move to Tank Auth library from SimpleLoginSecure


If you'd like to request changes, report bug fixes, or contact
the developer of this library, please email <orattue[at]toomanytabs.com>