How to get data from github and work on it in Neo4J
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How to get data from github and work on data with neo4J


  • install neo4j community server; version 2.3.1 (
  • start a new database; check it by calling http://localhost:7474
  • first time you will ask for a password; save it! You will need it for your personal setup of this application

Start application

Fill database

By default, there is a members list loaded by github (https:/// I recommend to download this file once and to add this as a source file. The reason is to save requests to github. If you want to do more than 50 requests per hour, get your personal access token (see

Summary: to fill database you need the members entry point and a personal access token by github.

Start application

  • do gradle build
  • go into build/libs
  • do cp ../../ ./
  • edit
  • do java -jar github-reader-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

Fill database

Database will not be filled autmatically. Please go to this page: http://localhost:8080/internal/getdata

Get a list of all members in given organization


Search for a certain language