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betacopter361-v014u release betacopter 3.6.1 v0.14u Nov 10, 2018
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For BetaCopter go to, and pick a BetaCopter branch.

For licenses, terms of usage, acknolwedgments, sources, and so on, go to the same link and pick a BetaCopter branch.

Latest 'u' version:

betacopter 3.6.1 v015u this version is derived from Copter 3.6.1

Latest 's' version:

betacopter 3.6.0 v013s this version is derived from Copter 3.6.0

The 'u' version has ALL UC4H and STorM32 related additions ('u' for UC4H); the 's' version has all STorM32 related additions, but misses the UAVCAN/UC4H realted stuff ('s' for serial).

For your convenience, some binaries are also hosted here for download:

  • ArduCopter-v2.px4
  • ArduCopter-v3.px4
  • ArduCopter-v4.px4

Please see for information on the usage and features of BetaCopter.