A console based graphics engine for simple Unicode games and animations.
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Python Text Based Graphics Module

This is a console based python3 graphics engine for simple Unicode games or animations.

clock.py, terrain.py, road.py, input_example.py and circle.py are example programs using the module (Note: < and > are used instead of arrow keys.), also see grit96's Physics Engine and my Tetris game, which use this module.

terrain.py road.py clock.py


Install using setup.py:

python3 setup.py install

Or install from PyPI: pypi.python.org/pypi/graphics.


Simple usage example:

import graphics as g

# Create the canvas, 20x20 pixels (characters).
screen = g.Canvas(size = (20, 20))

# Create a circle image, radius 5 pixels.
circleImage = g.shapes.Circle(5)

# Create a green sprite at position (7, 7) with the circle image.
circleSprite = g.Sprite(circleImage,
                        position = (7, 7),
                        color = g.colors.GREEN)

# Add the sprite to the canvas.

# Output the canvas to the terminal.

# Increase the circles radius by two.
circleSprite.image.radius += 2

# Output the canvas to the terminal.


This module was written and tested with python3 on Debian with gnome-terminal. It should work with most Linux terminals, but some things might be off.

  • Colours should work if your terminal supports them, otherwise they won't cause any problems.
  • The input module supports Windows, Mac and Unix. Linux works fine and testing is in progress for Windows.
  • In the Windows CMD it doesn't centre properly, colours don't work, it was slow and input doesn't work.

console.py is a small script to determine the terminal size. Works in my gnome-terminal in Debian, probably wont work in all environment. It was modified from Stack Overflow.

colors.py has functions for adding the correct escapes to strings to color them, modified from a blog, also not sure about environment support.

nbinput.py an object to get non blocking input in the terminal, this only works in Linux terminals. This was modified from code.activestate.com.

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