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Support for V in Vim

The files in this repository provide support for the v programming language in Vim.


Using a Plugin Manager

You can install V support with a vim plugin manager as usual, for example with Plug:

Plug 'ollykel/v-vim'

Reload config (or save & exit vim/neovim), then:



You can add any of the following into your vim config to disable highlighting.
The following options are enabled by default:

" Disable highlight white space after "[]".
let g:v_highlight_array_whitespace_error = 0

" Disable highlight white space around the communications operator that don't follow the standard style.
let g:v_highlight_chan_whitespace_error = 0

" Disable highlight instances of tabs following spaces.
let g:v_highlight_space_tab_error = 0

" Disable highlight trailing white space.
let g:v_highlight_trailing_whitespace_error = 0

" Disable highlight function calls.
let g:v_highlight_function_calls = 0

let g:v_highlight_fields = 0

You can add any of the following to your vim config to enable aditional options. The following options are disabled by default:

" Enable automatically formatting file via "v fmt -" before writing buffer.
let g:v_autofmt_bufwritepre = 1


Support for V syntax highlighting in Vim



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