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Support for V syntax highlighting in Vim
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Support for V in Vim

The files in this repository provide support for syntax highlighting in Vim. They must be installed in your vim runtimepath to work.


Using a Plugin Manager

You can install V support with a vim plugin manager as usual, for example with Plug:

Plug 'ollykel/v-vim'

Reload config (or save & exit vim/neovim). Than:


Using or Manual Installation

These instructions assume that you are using a *nix-like os.

The provided script will automate the installation process for you. Simply run "./ $VIMDIR", VIMDIR being a directory on your runtimepath. Choose VIMDIR using step one of the instructions below.

  1. Choose which directory you wish to use. If you wish to install these files for personal use only, use the directory $HOME/.vim:

If you want other users to be able to use these files, use the directory /usr/local/share/vim/vimfiles:

  1. Copy the syntax file into $VIMDIR/syntax:
cp ./syntax/vlang.vim $VIMDIR/syntax
  1. If the file $VIMDIR/filetype.vim already exists, copy the following line into augroup filetypedetect:
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.v,*.vh	setf vlang

Otherwise, copy the file ./filetype.vim into $VIMDIR:

cp ./filetype.vim $VIMDIR


You can add any of following into Yours vim config to disable highlighting. All options are enabled by default.

let g:v_highlight_array_whitespace_error = 0
let g:v_highlight_chan_whitespace_error = 0
let g:v_highlight_space_tab_error = 0
let g:v_highlight_trailing_whitespace_error = 0
let g:v_highlight_function_calls = 0
let g:v_highlight_fields = 0

A Note about Verilog

The language Verilog also uses the file extensions *.v and *.vh, which causes collisions with v files. This installation should override the verilog formatting settings, but I cannot guarantee that it will.

If vlang syntax highlighting doesn't appear when you open your editor, execute the following command:

:setf vlang
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