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Simple PHP Extension for HTTP routes
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This is simple PHP7 extension (written on pure C). You can build and install it on your system. It has tiny component that allows you to use Lumen-like routes.

Also you may find completely identical analog written on raw PHP.

This extension has been written for education purposes. It can be used to demonstrate basics / tutorial "how to build your own PHP extension"

How to use

  1. Extend class
class Router extends HTTPRouter {
    public function get($pattern, $action) {
        return $this->method('GET', $pattern, $action);
    public function post($pattern, $action) {
        return $this->method('POST', $pattern, $action);
  1. Create new instance, set necessary routes
$router = new Route($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']);

$router->group('forum', function () use ($router) {
    $router->get('{name}', 'ForumController@getMe');
    $router->group('news', function () use ($router) {
        $router->get('{name}', 'NewsController@getMe');
    $router->post('edit-me', function () {
        return 'No!';
  1. Call action and get response
$response = $router->action();

echo $response;

How to build

To compile | build php extension for Linux you can use this docker image.

building PHP from source can take a long time. Don't panic!

To build and run system use following command:

docker build -t php_ext:latest .

To build and test PHP extension use these instructions:

  • To start container and log in:
docker run --rm --name php_ext -v d:/projects/php_extensions/router/src:/src -it php_ext sh
  • Prepare extension build:
/usr/local/php7/bin/phpize && \
./configure --with-php-config=/usr/local/php7/bin/php-config
  • Build the extension, test it and install:
make && make clean && make test && make install

Remember: to recompile extension when you changed some code you need to perform only last operation. You don't need to reconfigure extension if you didn't change dependencies.

Known issues

  • Sometimes when you trying to compile project you've got:
make: stat: GNUmakefile: I/O error

Caused by: error on volumes

Solution: try again in few seconds.

Performance tests

We've used scripts that run both approaches with 999 instances of Class 100 times.

Tests was made on Aser Aspire E15 (AMD A10) within docker container

Regular PHP Class PHP Extension (C implementation)
Time in seconds 1.787871599197389 1.473563671112060
Comparision 1.21 times slower 1.21 times faster
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