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The simplest jQuery slider there is.

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A jQuery slider that just slides.

If you want to have a quick, lightweight slider, with just the arrows and no fancy effects, then you'll love Unslider. Weighing in at 4kb uncompressed, and 1.9kb compressed, it's an incredibly lightweight solution.


  • Slides a list
  • Supports any HTML content (within a list item)
  • Keyboard support

That's it!


To begin using Unslider, just include the files, and create a div with an unordered list (ul) inside.

Pretty straightforward, and nice and semantic. Lovely. Now, we need a touch of CSS as well:

.unslider {
    overflow: hidden;
    .unslider ul {
        position: relative;
    .unslider li {
        float: left;

This is the same as the contents for unslider.css, so if you're including that file, don't add this CSS.

Now that it's all set up, you just need to call the unslider method, with any options. They're optional, though, so you don't need to

//  Vanilla install

//  And any options
    //  Options go here.


It's also got a few options. Here are the defaults:

    activeClass: 'active', //  The class of the active slide
    arrows: true, //  Choose whether to show the arrows in the markup or not

    //  Speeds + timing
    speed: 250,
    delay: 2000,
    autoplay: true, //  Should the slider autoplay?
    easing: 'swing', //  A jQuery easing string (see the Easing plugin for more:

    //  Callbacks
    afterSlide: function() {} //  Called after a slide has occured.
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