Little TODO app. Just playing with ember.js
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Ember TODO

This project was forked from Remi's TODO

I want to reimplement the same features so we can later (eventually) compare our work.

Implemented So Far

  • @ember Use an Ember model (Todo)

Backlog (TODO)

  • @ember Use an Ember controller (Todos.todosController as singleton)
  • @ember Use Ember views
  • @ember Use {{action}} to trigger functions on views on event
  • @ember Use .observes("")
  • @ember Use classBinding="someBoolProperty" to get class="some-bool-property" (when truthy)
  • @ember Use a {{view}} instance per model instance (inside an {{each}} loop)
  • @ember Use Ember.TextField
  • @ember Catch event on View without using {{action}} (by overriding function with event name on view)
  • @story As a User I should be able to add a Todo
  • @story As a User I should be able to remove a Todo
  • @story As a User I should be able to prioritize Todos by dragging/dropping (implemented with HTML5)
  • @story As a User my Todos should be persisted across sessions (implemented with localStorage)
  • @story As a User I should be able to edit a Todo (in-place)
  • @ember Port to use the latest ember.js (w/o new features)
  • @ember Refactor away from singleton controllers
  • @ember Use Ember.Router
  • @ember Use Ember Data
  • @ember Load application template into <body> (and use ApplicationView/Controller)
  • @story Add browser tests (chrome & firefox)
  • @story Filter TODOs (filter as you type)
  • @story Be able to have tabs of different named groups of TODOs
  • @story Add JavaScript tests
  • @story add observers to models so you can have a timeline of what recently changed