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CoreScore is an award-giving benchmark for FPGAs and their synthesis/P&R tools. It tests how many SERV cores that can be put into a particular FPGA.

Some more background about CoreScore can be found in the SERV introduction video.

Check out the CoreScore World Ranking!

Quick start

  1. Install FuseSoC

    pip install fusesoc
  2. Set up a workspace directory and get the FuseSoC base library

    mkdir workspace
    cd workspace
    fusesoc library add fusesoc-cores
  3. Add CoreScore as a library in your workspace

    fusesoc library add corescore
  4. Check available corescore targets

    fusesoc core show corescore
  5. Build one of the supported targets (cyc1000 is one of the currently supported cores)

    fusesoc run --target=cyc1000 corescore
  6. If the board is connected it will be automatically programmed. Otherwise connect it and run fusesoc run --run --target=cyc1000 corescore to program without rebuilding

  7. Run the corecount utility (Might need to adjust for the correct UART port)

    python3 fusesoc_libraries/corescore/sw/ /dev/ttyUSB0