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Kobo Redux

Because Chain Explosions Never Get Old

Kobo Redux is a frantic 80's style 2D shooter, inspired by the look and feel of 90's arcade cabinets. The gameplay is fast and unforgiving, although with less of the frustrating quirkiness of the actual games of the 80's. A true challenge in the spirit of the arcade era!

First, inspired by Bosconian, there was XKobo, a frantic multi-directional scrolling arcade shooter, where the primary objective was to destroy maze-like hostile space bases. Kobo Deluxe brought this addictive game to basically everything with a CPU - but it was never quite finished. Now, with smoother controls, improved gameplay, new pixel art, and a proper soundtrack, Kobo Redux aims to be the XKobo update that Kobo Deluxe never quite became.

While Kobo Redux is a proprietary title, it is implemented using portable Free/Open Source technologies, and the full game source code will be made available as the game is released.


The proprietary sound and graphics themes are not included in the source tree! However, placeholder GPL themes "chip" (sound) and "mono" (graphics) are included, making the game mostly playable with no external data.