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Hello Friends of Termie,

As most of you know, Andy had a bit of a run in with the MUNI tracks on his bike a few weeks ago. He has a fractured elbow and a few face fractures.

He is having surgery tomorrow (Wednesday, March 6th) and will likely be in the hospital most of the day.

I couldn't think of a better way to send a get well card to a major open source contributor and nerd than in the form of a public git repository. RIGHT.

Go forth, add what ever you think is awesome -- text, images, get well cards in the form of code -- and send me a pull request. I'm sure he'll appreciate anything you put here. :)

I'll let him know about the repo tomorrow (March 6th, 2013) or Thursday (March 7th, 2013).


Injury Recap http://term.ie/blog/injury-recap/

<3, Lindsay