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#-*- coding: utf-8
import os, re, sys, traceback
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
from pybtex.database.input import bibtex
URL_PATTERN = re.compile('nime\d{4}_\d{3}.pdf',re.IGNORECASE)
dir_path = r"nime_archive/nime/bibtex/"
result_path = 'result_cleaned.xml'
tree = ET.parse(result_path)
root = tree.getroot()
global exception_cnt
global texts_cnt
exception_cnt = 0
texts_cnt = 0
## Reading the document structure
results = {}
for document in root.iter('document'):
name = document.find('name').text
results[name] = {}
print document.find('name').text
if document.find('abstract') != None:
results[name]['abstract'] = document.find('abstract').text
if document.find('keywords') != None:
results[name]['keywords'] = document.find('keywords').text
num_texts = 0
#Open and parse the XML structure created from the results of the extraction processs
class Bibfile:
def __init__(self,bibs,name):
global exception_cnt
global texts_cnt
self.bibs = bibs = name
num_text = 0
print "\n\n"
for a in self.bibs.entries.keys():
texts_cnt += 1
num_text += 1
print bibs.entries[a].fields['url']
except KeyError as e:
print "Could not find URL. Hint, it's in year: %s " % name
# Do a search for file.
res = re.findall(URL_PATTERN,bibs.entries[a].fields['url'])
if res > 0:
if results[res[0]]['abstract']:
#abs_holder = {'abstract': }
self.bibs.entries[a]['abstract'] = results[res[0]]['abstract']
print "Error: no abstract key in %s" % res
#bibs.entries[a]['abstract'] =
if results[res[0]]['abstract']:
#key_holder = {'keywords':results[res[0]]['keywords']}
self.bibs.entries[a]['abstract'] = results[res[0]]['keywords']
print "Error: no keywords key in %s" % res
#print res[0]
# Search up id in the XML with results.
except (KeyError, ValueError, IndexError), e:
exception_cnt += 1
print traceback.format_exc()
print "Error: %s for file " % (e)
if res != None:
print "for file: %s" % res
bibfiles = []
parser = bibtex.Parser()
for infile in os.listdir(dir_path):
print "Starting parsing file %s" % infile
if infile.endswith(".bib"):
print infile
bibfiles = Bibfile(parser.parse_file(dir_path+infile),infile)
print "program terminated sucessfully... at least it came to the last instruction. With %s exception and %s texts" % (str(exception_cnt), str(texts_cnt))
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