Use Browserstack Hub for measuring Critical Rendering Path on your site using real devices
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Use Browserstack Hub to measure Critical Rendering Path on your site using real devices and send the performance results to InfluxDB


  • Make sure you have a Browserstack account available
  • Create a InfluxDb instance @TODO: instructions?
  • Install dependencies: yarn
  • Create .env with required parameters. See .env.sample
  • Run: npm start
  • Visualize results using Graphana or similar
  • ???
  • Profit


By default this script will test all TEST_ENDPOINTS in all TEST_ENVS defined in .env file. The tests are run 3 times by default unless a integer is passed as a parameter to npm start. The endpoint URLs are opened by default 6 times in order to test the first view with cold caches and 5 times the loading performance with caches warmed.

Example: npm start 1 3 will run tests only once and open the endpoints 3 times.