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A Todoist Sync API client for .NET.


The library is available as a Nuget package.

Install-Package Todoist.Net

Get started

Creating Todoist client

With token (preferred way).

ITodoistClient client = new TodoistClient("API token");

With email and password.

ITodoistTokenlessClient tokenlessClient = new TodoistTokenlessClient();
ITodoistClient client = await tokenlessClient.LoginAsync("email", "password");

Quick add

Implementation of the Quick Add Task available in the official clients.

var quickAddItem = new QuickAddItem("Task title @Label1 #Project1 +ExampleUser");
var task = await client.Items.QuickAddAsync(quickAddItem);

Simple API calls

// Get all resources (labels, projects, tasks, notes etc.).
var resources = await client.GetResourcesAsync();

// Get only projects and labels.
var projectsAndLabels = await client.GetResourcesAsync(ResourceType.Projects, ResourceType.Labels);

// Get only projects.
var projectsOnly = await client.GetResourcesAsync(ResourceType.Projects);

// Alternatively you can use this API to get projects.
var projects = await client.Projects.GetAsync();

// Add a task with a note.
var taskId = await client.Items.AddAsync(new Item("New task"));
await client.Notes.AddToItemAsync(new Note("Task description"), taskId);

Transactions (Batching)

Batching: reading and writing of multiple resources can be done in a single HTTP request.

Add a new project, task and note in one request.

// Create a new transaction.
var transaction = client.CreateTransaction();

// These requests are queued and will be executed later.
var projectId = await transaction.Project.AddAsync(new Project("New project"));
var taskId = await transaction.Items.AddAsync(new Item("New task", projectId));
await transaction.Notes.AddToItemAsync(new Note("Task description"), taskId);

// Execute all the requests in the transaction in a single HTTP request.
await transaction.CommitAsync();