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A revision-tracking pastebin service.


  • Node(io.js)/Express
  • React/Flux (Isomorphic)
  • MongoDB/Mongoose
  • ImmutableJS
  • Stylus

Running the tests

npm install

Edit __tests__/test_server_config.js with your db credentials, if needed.

npm test

Tests run by default on port 9000; make sure nothing else is using that port, or the tests will fail.

Running locally

cp server_config.sample.js server_config.js

cp frontend_config.sample.js frontend_config.js

Install and run mongodb. If you use a non-default port or add user credentials, edit the server config file with the correct settings.

npm install

npm run build

npm start

You should see app is listening on 8000

The server will run at http://locahost:8000 by default.

Features in progress

  • Final bugfixes related to highlighting (done)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (for actions and text editing-- like making tab work properly) (done)
  • Enable the clone/new buttons (done)
  • Make it isomorphic - with this comes functionality even when JS is disabled, and faster pageloads (halfway there-- it's sending markup with the first response, which speeds up pageload 10x, but still needs to pre-load the paste data serverside)
  • Queryparams for highlighting lines or slices of a paste when sharing
  • CSS tweaks, mobile issues (see issue tracker)


a revision-tracking pastebin service



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