Interested in a low-level, make(1)-based build setup for your TI msp430 project?
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Interested in a low-level, make(1)-based build setup for your TI msp430 project? msp430-skel uses the Energia toolchain, but without applying its incumbent libraries & code transormations. It was created in the context of the author's challenges getting a build/test/run pipeline established on OSX Yosemite, but should be applicable to any vaguely POSIX'ish platform that Energia supports.

This codebase is released under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt, in this repo, for more information.

A tip of the chapeau to Rei Vilo, who pointed the author towards the embedXcode project. It was instructive in understanding how to leverage Energia to acheive msp430-skel's own goal(s). If you would prefer an Xcode-based developer experience, check it out!

Why Do This?

  • The author is using OSX Yosemite which, as far as the raw mspdebug/msp430-gcc/driver experience is concerned, is somewhat poor (the most recent developer activity appears to be from the 2011 timeframe + there's all kinds of aweful kernel extension cruft to deal with)
  • Energia works out-of-the-box with my MSP-EXP430F5529LP
  • While Energia is great (really, it is!), the author desires a low-level, non-kid-glove environment to explore and learn the platform (particularly the abstraction around the main() entrypoint was irksome, in terms of "magic")
  • If you use the toolchain distributed with Energia (instead of via Homebrew, MacPorts, Fink, etc), you can make satisfy the above-outlined goal quite well

What's Included

  1. A very basic project skeleton
  2. Source code layout under src/ (basic main.c included)
  3. msp430-flashable elf image placed in root of repo, named (directory basename)_(msp430 platform variant).elf
  4. A Makefile with a few things:
  5. The default all target will lint the codebase and build an elf executable, ready to be flashed onto an msp430
  6. lint target, leveraging cppcheck
  7. clean target
  8. flash target that will build the application and then use the prog command in mspdebug to flash the elf image, using the driver specified in MSPDEBUG_DRIVER
  9. debug target that flashes the application image, as in flash, then sets up a msp430-gdb session and connects to it (finishing and exiting msp430-gdb will also cause the mspdebug session to close and the process to end)


  1. Clone the repo, possibly stripping existing git history to restart as your application (perhaps also dropping the LICENSE.txt as the project-wide license)
  2. Edit the Makefile, particularly:
  3. MSP430PLATFORM: the board/chip variant that you're using (should correspond to whatever you would pass to msp430-gcc's -mmcu flag)
  4. TARGET: Defaults to the enclosing directory's basename, combined with the value of MSP430PLATFORM
  5. MSPDEBUG_DRIVER: Defaults to sim, which is just a test driver (tilib is the working driver of choice on the author's system)
  6. You most likely want to install cppcheck so that the lint target works, otherwise remove lint from the all target
  7. Optionally, you'll want to either edit the ENERGIA_PATH variable or set it in your environment (the default is the install path for in the author's OSX Yosemite setup)
  8. Have fun!