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key-guide-658px.png Fix path-issue. Nov 5, 2019

ISO (SE) Mac layout for WASD V3

Mechanical keyboards with a proper ISO layout can be difficult to find. More difficult? A Scandinavian layout. And yet even more difficult? All these combined with a Mac-layout...

After way too much searching and research I ended up designing my own, using the WASD-supplied templates and Illustrator for custom a order. And the result was actually a very pleasant surprise, the the keyboard is really solid too (rough after using mostly chiclet-style keys for 12+ years though.)

With this layout I didn't really try to mimic Apple's keyboards, but instead go for perhaps a more retro layout with a bit smaller letters aligned to the top left on the keycaps. I did however end up using SF Pro (Regular) as the typeface. Primary font size is 12pt, secondary and tertiary 9pt.

Thought I might just as well share this if my Scandinavian friends finds this useful.

Note: is the original source template from WASD. You should check their website to make sure you have the latest version.

WASD ISO SE MAC TKL Template file.

mac-iso-wasd-2 End result.


  • ISO TKL / 88 key layout.
  • A function key replaces "insert" just as on Apples own full scale keyboard.
  • All function keys has symbols instead for their text counterpart (i.e. ⇪, ⇧, ⌃, ⌥ etc.).
  • Uses the unique European Mac symbols for end/home/page down/page up.
  • Apple-style media controls and exposé icons etc.
  • Swedish layout with å, ä, ö. Should be easy to replace with Danish and Norwegian ø and æ if you are so inclined to do so.
  • F14 and F15 are custom (which I have bound to my editor of choice and iTerm respectivly).
  • And eject key instead of F13 is present, which is perhaps unecessary for 99,99% of all users.


  • On the WASD keyboard, don't forget to set the dip switches 1 & 2 to "on" for "Mac mode". In Mac-mode the fn/menu-key to the right of right option is unmapped however (my only real gripe with the keyboard.)
  • Use Karabiner to map any custom keys.
  • If you are to place an order on WASD double, triple and quadruple check your .ai-file – I myself made a bad mistake (of course fixed in the .ai in this repo.)

Future ideas

  • As I always disable caps lock (Settings -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys -> Caps Lock = No Action), this could be replaced for something better.
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