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  • Sidebar: fix z-index
  • Docs: fix mistakes in table options
  • Utils css: fix class m4-cloak
  • Validator: add argument data to events data-on-validate-form, data-on-error-form, data-on-submit. Data is a object and contains pairs: input-name: input-value for form elements.
  • Popover: fix close popover
  • v-menu: fix drop down for v-menu -> v-menu
  • Validator: fix for issue #1254
  • Utils: add functions parseCard(val), parsePhone(val). Functions remove all not numeric chars from value
  • Table: add data formats card, phone
  • List: add data formats card, phone
  • Sorter: add data formats card, phone

@olton olton released this Nov 4, 2018 · 16 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Input: remove -webkit-autofill background color
  • App bar: fixed class ml-auto
  • v-menu: add service class for-dropdown, added automatically, when add role `dropdown
  • d-menu, v-menu: remove min-width for item
  • d-menu: fix icon position in item
  • Cloak: add class .m4-cloak for body to remove blinking initiated components
  • Cloak: add meta tag metro4:cloak can receive values: show, fade (default)
  • Cloak: add meta tag metro4:cloak_duration can receive integer values, default 500. Use for fade
  • Dialog: add element as context to events
  • Popovers: fix minor bugs, issue #1179, issue #1238
  • Popovers: add attribute data-close-button="true|false""
  • Popovers: now you can change popover content and position at runtime with attributes data-popover-text, data-popover-position
  • Popovers: add attribute data-cls-popover-content
  • Popovers: change context for events to element for which popover is created
  • Colors: add branding color classes bg-* for facebook, twitter, github, gitlab, amazon, bootstrap
  • Select: fix add, remove focused class
  • Select: add class input-large
  • Spinner: add class input-large
  • Tag input: add class input-large
  • Tag input: add auto resize to input
  • Table: add methods deleteItem(field_index, val), deleteItemByName(field_name, val). Function return list instance. Val can be function or primitive value. Method can not redraw list, to redraw call method draw().
  • Utils: add function arrayDeleteByMultipleKeys(arr, /*array*/ indexes). Function return new Array.
  • Toolbar: fix for vertical layout
  • Splitter: add attribute data-save-state, required element ID. If true, panes sizes stored into Storage
  • Table: add method setData(obj)
  • Table: add method setHeads(obj), setHeadItem(obj)
  • Table: add method setItems(obj)
  • List: add method deleteItem(val). Function return list instance. Val can be function or primitive value. Method can not redraw list, to redraw call method draw().

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@olton olton released this Oct 21, 2018 · 36 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Image compare: fix for touch devices
  • Image magnifier: fix for touch devices
  • Window: fix _setPosition method
  • Buttons: fix size for dropdown-button, split-button and info-button
  • Utils: add function iframeBubbleMouseMove(iframe)
  • Input: add class .input-large
  • Splitter: new component
  • Popovers: fix minor bugs (forum issue)

@olton olton released this Oct 14, 2018 · 48 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Sidebar: remove scroll-y from sidebar, add scroll-y to sidebar-menu
  • Countdown: refactoring structure, add animation effects: slide, fade, zoom
  • Hero: minor upd styles for background image
  • Html container: new component, include HTML snippets in HTML element
  • Utils: add function isLocalhost()
  • Docs: upd for using htmlcontainer component
  • Window: fix gradually disappear for children when window is hiding, issue #1222
  • Utils: add methods getCursorPosition(...), getCursorPositionX(...), getCursorPositionY(...)
  • Image compare: new component
  • Image magnifier: new component

@olton olton released this Sep 30, 2018 · 66 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Time picker: fix method val for issue #1221
  • Calendar: fix method setToday for issue #1215
  • ListView: fix method _createNode for structure option, issue #1220
  • ListView: fix methods insertBefore, insertAfter
  • Tabs: change expand behavior
  • Tabs: fix expand/collapse behavior
  • Select: add attribute data-cls-option-active
  • Countdown: fix performance and minor bugs
  • Countdown: fix deferred start setup
  • Countdown: add methods resume(), reset()
  • Notify: fix firing method onClose
  • Notify: add methods onNotifyCreate, onAppend
  • Input: fix custom search button click
  • Calendar picker: add attribute data-null-value. If this attribute false and value empty, used current date
  • Calendar picker: fix for null value, issue #1217
  • Accordion: add attribute data-material='true'
  • Switch: add attribute data-material='true'
  • Mif: add new icons 50+
  • Bottom navigation: add new CSS component
  • Bottom sheet: add new component
  • Items list: add new CSS component
  • Feed list: add new CSS component
  • Group list: add new CSS component
  • Head bar: add new CSS component
  • Material tabs: add new component
  • Material input: add new component
  • Chips: add new CSS component
  • Swipe: add new JS component

@olton olton released this Sep 23, 2018 · 92 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Select: fix native onchange event triggering, issue #1198
  • Calendar: add attributes data-prev-month-icon, data-next-month-icon, data-prev-year-icon, data-next-year-icon
  • Calendar: fix rendering for ie, issue #1202
  • Calendar picker: add data-prepend attribute, issue #1201
  • Calendar picker: fix close when clicked dropdown button issue #1210
  • Calendar picker: fix disabled white text is unreadable, issue #1208
  • Calendar picker: fix init null value, issue #1206
  • Resizeable: fix resize, issue #1205
  • Table: add attribute data-filters-operator="and|or"
  • Table: fix init filters, defined in attribute data-filters
  • Table: rename filterMinLength to searchMinLength
  • Table: rename filterThreshold to searchThreshold
  • Table: add attribute data-search-fields, issue #1195
  • Table: add attributes data-cls-row, data-cls-even-row, data-cls-odd-row
  • Table component: full rewrite docs

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@olton olton released this Sep 16, 2018 · 111 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Appbar: remove classes app-bar-expanded-* and add attributes data-expand, data-exapnd-point
  • Table: fix hidden class applying. issue #1194
  • Table: add attribute data-cls-cell-wrapper
  • Mif: set line-height: 1 for mif-*x classes
  • File: add mode drop
  • Select: fix for the long captions
  • Select: add attribute data-cls-select-input
  • Media players: set context for events to HTML element
  • Builder: add Metro 4 Builder

@olton olton released this Sep 9, 2018 · 117 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Docs: refactoring docs for form components
  • Resizable: add attributes data-min-width, data-max-width, data-min-height, data-max-height, data-can-resize, issue #1100
  • Input: add events onClearClick, onRevealClick
  • Input: add methods clear(), toDefault()
  • Input: rename data-cls-element to data-cls-component
  • Input: add attribute data-cls-custom-button
  • Input: add attribute data-history-divider and methods getHistory, setHistory, getHistoryIndex, setHistoryIndex
  • Input: add search input functionality
  • Search: remove search plugin
  • Tag input: add observing attribute value
  • Tag input: fix method val()
  • Spinner: add events onArrowUp, onArrowDown, onArrowClick
  • Spinner: add events onPlusClick, onMinusClick, onButtonClick
  • Select: add event onItemSelect
  • Select: add method reset(), getSelected()
  • Select: fix method val(...)
  • Textarea: add methods clear(), toDefault()
  • Textarea: fix data-append attribute
  • Calendar picker: fix error when value attribute is empty, issue #1191
  • Calendar picker: add attributes data-dialog-mode, data-dialog-point, data-dialog-overlay, data-overlay-color, data-overlay-alpha
  • Calendar: add compact class
  • Calendar: for wide mode now use attributes data-wide or data-wide-point
  • Extension: add method, if not exists, Array.from

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@olton olton released this Sep 3, 2018 · 148 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Table: fix default padding for th and td
  • Select: fix custom classes apply for selected options for select with multiple option, issue #1184
  • Input: add history option, issue #1162
  • Spinner: new component, issue #1180
  • AppBar: fix error creating hamburger when background-color is rgba or transparent, issue #1172
  • Slider: add event onChange
  • TreeView: change context for events
  • Calendar: any input format with attribute data-input-format, issue #1186
  • Calendar picker: any input format with attribute data-input-format, issue #1186
  • Date: add extension function getWeek() - return week number

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@olton olton released this Aug 26, 2018 · 163 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Change contributing rules
  • Tabs: add method open(tab_num | tab_el). Tab number counting from 1. Tab element - li HTML element or $("li") jquery wrapper
  • Tabs: add methods next(), prev()
  • Popover: add attribute data-popover-timeout. Timeout before popover show.
  • Sidebar: add method isOpen to object Metro.sidebar
  • Table: fix method loadData for string value from server
  • Table: fix minor bugs
  • Select: for multiple add attributes data-cls-selected-item, data-cls-selected-item-remover
  • TagInput: add attribute data-tag-trigger. The attribute must contain integer values for keyCode for triggering tag creating event. Default: "13,188" - Enter and comma.
  • ListView: fix checkbox position for selectable mode
  • ListView: add attribute data-check-style. Value must be 1 or 2
  • ListView: add methods getSelected(), selectAll() or selectAll(false) (for clear), clearSelected()
  • Checkbox: add observing checkbox style attribute
  • Radio: add observing checkbox style attribute
  • Validator: add function notequals. Input value can't be equal to other input
  • Validator: add function equals. Input value can be equal to other input. Different from compare - it use trim() for value
  • Sizing: fix width classes w- for all media breakpoints

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