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OLTP Benchmark Framework
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Benchmarking is incredibly useful, yet endlessly painful. This benchmark suite is the result of a group of Phd/post-docs/professors getting together and combining their workloads/frameworks/experiences/efforts. We hope this will save other people's time, and will provide an extensible platform, that can be grown in an open-source fashion.

OLTPBenchmark is a multi-threaded load generator. The framework is designed to be able to produce variable rate, variable mixture load against any JDBC-enabled relational database. The framework also provides data collection features, e.g., per-transaction-type latency and throughput logs.

Together with the framework we provide the following OLTP/Web benchmarks:

This framework is design to allow easy extension, we provide stub code that a contributor can use to include a new benchmark, leveraging all the system features (logging, controlled speed, controlled mixture, etc.)


If you are using this framework for your papers or for your work, please cite the paper:

OLTP-Bench: An extensible testbed for benchmarking relational databases D. E. Difallah, A. Pavlo, C. Curino, and P. Cudre-Mauroux. In VLDB 2014.

Also, let us know so we can add you to our list of publications.

Please visit the project homepage for anything other than source code:


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