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* Fixed saving (Jan-Erik Rediger, Edward Sheldrake).
version 0.8.18:
* Fixed action when file name contains colon
(John Lindgren, Mikko Viinamaki).
* Fixed memory leak on saving file (Dmitry Artamonow).
* Fixed caseless search bug (Dmitry Artamonow).
* Fixed memory leak on line numbering (Hongwei Xi).
* Fixed truncation on saving file (Alex, brian m. carlson).
* Added translations: eo, gl.
* Updated translations: fi, hu.
version 0.8.17:
* Fixed find dialog behaviour with GTK+ 2.18 (Radu-Cristian, MoD).
* Fixed SEGV when config file is 0 byte (Erik Suit).
* Added translations: br, nn, sl, sr.
* Updated translations: de, es, fr, id, lv, pl.
version 0.8.16:
* Removed "Shift+Enter" key-binding (minhsien0330).
* Updated French translation (Marc Veillet).
* Updated Italian translation (Vincenzo Campanella).
version 0.8.15:
* Named main window with gtk_widget_set_name (Cory Burgett).
* Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (Leslie Harlley Watter).
* Added Indonesian translation (Andhika Padmawan).
* Added Danish translation (Joe Hansen).
* Updated Traditional Chinese translation (Wei-Lun Chao).
* Updated Lithuanian translation (Gintautas Miliauskas).
version 0.8.14:
* Added Basque translation (Mikel Olasagasti).
* Updated Vietnamese translation (Clytie Siddall).
* Updated Dutch translation (Benno Schulenberg).
* Updated Irish translation (Kevin Scannell).
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation (Li Daobing).
version 0.8.13:
* Changed configuration file directory to XDG base (Glib >= 2.6)
(thanks Olivier Duclos).
* Fixed drag and DROP behaviour (GTK+ >= 2.10)
(thanks Markus Torstensson).
version 0.8.12:
* Added Print Preview menu (GTK+ >= 2.10).
* Fixed one-by-one replace behaviour (GTK+ >= 2.10).
* Updated Vietnamese translation (Clytie Siddall).
version 0.8.11:
* Followed GNOME Goals (AppIcon, ApplicationCategory, PoLinguas).
* Added GTK+ 2.10 Printing feature.
* Added "--jump=LINENUM" command line option.
* Added temporal "Always on Top" feature invoked by Ctrl+T.
* Fixed auto indentation behaviour.
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation (Li Daobing).
version 0.8.10:
* Added icons for Tango Desktop (Lapo Calamandrei).
* Added Dutch translation (Wouter Van Hemel).
* Added Finnish translation (Eero Tamminen).
* Added Irish translation (Kevin Patrick Scannell).
* Added Korean translation (Seo Sanghyeon).
* Added Ukrainian translation (Youri Bulka).
* Updated Greek translation (Stavros Giannouris).
* Updated Bulgarian translation (Yavor Doganov).
* Updated German translation (Andreas Schweitzer).
* Updated Hungarian translation (Reviczky Adam Janos).
version 0.8.9:
* Find proper font if no glyph found from current font when printing.
* Fixed word wrapping of wide character string when printing.
version 0.8.8:
* Changed to use libgnomeprint22 for printing.
* Changed to use newer functions automatically.
* Fixed pointer type error under sparc64 (thanks Steven Mestdagh).
version 0.8.7:
* Implemented text DnD.
version 0.8.6:
* Fixed "Replace all at once" with no string (thanks Marek).
* Updated Swedish translation (Isak Savo).
version 0.8.5:
* Fixed curious highlighting behaviour.
* Attached 32*32 icon for some package maintainer.
* Updated Traditional Chinese translation (OLS3).
version 0.8.4:
* Implemented GOption (thanks Magnus Bergman).
* Added '--tab-width' command line option.
* Inform read-only file by less/greater than sign bracket.
* Improved Korean auto-detection.
* Added Hebrew translation (Yo'av Moshe).
* Added Turkish translation (Kaya Oguz).
* Added Greek translation (Stavros Giannouris).
* Updated Italian translation (Alessio D'Ascanio).
version 0.8.3:
* Implemented replaced word highlighting.
* Modified line-number margin.
* Fixed space-separeted filename bugs (thanks Andrea Antolini).
* Added Slovak translation (Peter Chabada).
* Updated Polish translation (Michal Wrobel).
version 0.8.2:
* Improved dependency caused by intltool (thanks Machismo Ulverstein).
* Modified left margin.
* Fixed Macintosh return code bug (thanks young dave).
* Fixed "response" signal of about diaglog (thanks Muthiah Annamalai).
* Updated Bulgarian translation (Yavor Doganov).
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation (Carlos Z.F. Liu).
version 0.8.1:
* Implemented searched word highlighting.
* Modified Up/Down/PageUp/PageDown behaviour when scroll-outed.
* Fixed space-separated filename bug (thanks Chris Everts).
* Added Bulgarian translation (Yavor Doganov).
* Added Vietnamese translation (Quy NGUYEN DAI).
* Updated Hungarian translation (Reviczky Adam Janos).
* Updated Polish translation (Michal Wrobel).
version 0.8.0:
* Implemented glib-gettext & intltool.
* Added Print feature (only invoke lpr).
* Added load stdin feature.
* Added command line options.
* Added '--enable-chooser' configure option for GtkFileChooser.
* Modified some small points (DnD, caret, shadow, sensitivity...).
* Changed shortcut keys displayed on menu.
* Fixed replace question dialog behavior (thanks Keith).
* Added Portuguese translation (thanks Alan Kelon).
version 0.7.9:
* Shrinked codeset menu.
* Fixed destroy response for question dialog (thanks Richard S).
* Removed local "G_BROKEN_FILENAMES" setting.
* Removed scrollbar_spacing manipulation.
* Updated Swedish translation (by Isak Savo).
* Added Lithuanian translation (thanks Lech Jankovski).
* Added Polish translation (thanks Michal Wrobel).
version 0.7.8:
* Implemented widget sesnsitivity.
* Changed scrollbar_spacing to zero.
* Changed about dialog caption.
* Fixed undo sequency for Ctrl+V overwrite.
* Added Hungarian translation (thanks Reviczky Adam Janos).
* Added Catalan translation (thanks David Rosal).
* Added Tamil translation (thanks Vijay Durairaj).
* Added Italian translation (thanks Alessio D'Ascanio).
* Fixed undo function for the case start from '%' character.
version 0.7.7:
* Improved undo behavior (by word).
* Fixed multi-line unindent properly.
* Updated German translation (thanks Ruediger Arp).
* Added Czech translation (thanks Petr Vyslouzil).
version 0.7.6:
* Improved command line recognition of filename (uri & space-separated).
* Added MimeType entry to leafpad.desktop (suggested by Carlos).
* Assigned Ctrl+G & Shift+Ctrl+G to Find Next/Previous.
* Added statements of copying permission to all source codes.
* Added French translation (thanks Luc Pionchon).
* Added Spanish translation (thanks Lucas Vieites).
version 0.7.5:
* Added leafpad.desktop file.
* Fixed DnD with space-separated filename (thanks Eugenia).
* Added Russian translation (thanks Artem Vakhitov).
* Added Swedish translation (thanks Isak Savo).
* Added German translation (thanks Sebastian Stach).
version 0.7.4:
* Changed application icon to HIG based.
* Changed icon directory to "GNOME 2 developer's guide" based.
* Improved drag and drop (xffm ready).
* Improved Ctrl+W interrupt.
* Fixed undo manner for overwrite mode.
* Fixed scrolling manner for paste.
* Fixed auto-indent manner when selection bound exists.
* Fixed seg-fault caused by search_string (thanks UTSUMI Hirosi).
version 0.7.3:
* Added drag and drop func (still single file only).
* Fixed initial value of search_string.
* Fixed cancel button action of font dialog.
* Fixed capital W input using with old GTK+.
* Added Traditional Chinese translation (thanks OLS3).
version 0.7.2:
* Added "display line numbers" func.
* Added "toggle tab width" func (Ctrl+Tab).
* Changed "/File/New" action (create new window).
* Changed description to "simple text editor".
* Added Simplified Chinese translation (thanks Carlos Z.F. Liu).
version 0.7.1:
* Added auto-indent func.
* Added multi-line indent func.
* Bracket title if the file not exist.
* Changed error message at codeset conversion error.
version 0.7.0:
* Started recording ChangeLog.
* Added undo/redo func (still not word level).
* Added printing "modified" sign func.
* Removed app name from title.
* Improved auto-detection for windows-125x.
version 0.6.x:
* Implemented gettext.
* Implemented autoconf/automake.
* Added search/replace func.
version 0.5.x:
* Added charset handling func.