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Spine Smartcard Chrome extension which allows users to authenticate to NHS spine enabled applications.
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Spine Smartcard Access

Spine Smartcard Access allows users to access NHS spine enabled applications.

Setup Chrome Extension

  • clone the repo
  • cd into the cloned folder
  • Background.js : add your url to the list of websites in content_scripts, matches and externally_connectable, matches. e.g
	"https://*{website_url}* "
  • Auth.js - Generate a plugin ID for the Chrome extension using the following Link, once generated add the id to the auth.js file in the first line. Replace {pluginID} with an actual ID.

Installing the Extension

  • Go to Settings menu in Chrome -> More tools -> Extensions
  • Enable Developer mode by ticking the box, next to it.
  • Select load unpacked extension, then navigate to the extension folder.

Installation Native Bridge

The Chrome extension works in conjuction with the native bridge which is a .NET application which provides an API for the extension to access the inserted smartcard.

The installation file is available at the following locations -



  • From the downloaded file run NativeBridgeInstaller, this will create the C:\Program Files\HSCIC\NativeBridge or C:\Program Files (x86)\HSCIC\NativeBridge, depending on your installation location and the accompanying app data files.

  • In order to allow this communication you need to add the Chrome ID to the installed Native bridge json file. Add the {pluginID} to the whitelist.

  • Edit the uk.nhs.ncrs.auth.json file : Navigate to the C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\HSCIC\Native folder and edit the auth permission file. Add the {pluginID} to the allowed origins array.

"allowed_origins": [

Smartcard and reader

You will need a SPINE enabled smartcard and reader.


After intstalling all the required dependencies.

Insert the smartcard, authenticate to Spine then launch a SPINE enabled application e.g in Chrome.

This will trigger the login process within the web app, which in turn triggers the Chrome extension to send messages to the Bridge requesting for a token, which is passed to the app.


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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