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/*globals desc, task, jake, fail, complete, directory */
(function() {
'use strict';
var printOptions = { printStdout: true, printStderr: true };
desc('build and test');
task('default',['lint', 'test']);
desc('lint everthing');
task('lint', [], function(){
var lint = require('jake-jshint');
var options = nodeLintOptions();
var files = new jake.FileList();
if(!lint.validateFileList(files.toArray(), options, {}))
fail('lint failed');
desc('test everything');
task('test',[], function(){
var reporter = require('nodeunit').reporters['default'];
var files = new jake.FileList();
files.include('**/_*.js');, null, function(failures){
if(failures) fail('tests failed');
}, { async: true });
desc('deploy to azure');
task('deploy', ['default'], { async: true }, function(){
var command = 'git push azure master';
jake.exec(command, complete, printOptions);
desc('push to github');
task('github', ['default'], { async: true }, function(){
var command = 'git push origin master';
jake.exec(command, complete, printOptions);
desc('run the server');
task('server', ['default'], function(){
var command = 'node app.js';
jake.exec(command, complete, printOptions);
function nodeLintOptions() {
return {
bitwise: true,
curly: false,
eqeqeq: true,
forin: true,
immed: true,
latedef: true,
newcap: true,
noarg: true,
noempty: true,
nonew: true,
regexp: true,
undef: true,
strict: true,
trailing: true,
node: true