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tar -czvf doc-example.tar.gz example/ doc/
rpm: doc-tar
rpmbuild --define "_topdir %(pwd)" \
--define "_builddir /tmp" \
--define "_rpmdir %{_topdir}" \
--define "_srcrpmdir %{_topdir}" \
--define "_specdir %{_topdir}" \
--define "_sourcedir %{_topdir}" \
-ba django-social-auth.spec
mv noarch/*.rpm .
rpmlint -i *.rpm *.spec
rm -rf noarch/ BUILDROOT/
rm -f doc-example.tar.gz
distclean: clean
rm -f *.rpm
@echo "Usage: make <target> "
@echo " "
@echo " doc-tar - create tarball with docs and example for RPM "
@echo " rpm - create rpm package "
@echo " test - test all packages/spec files with rpmlint "
@echo " clean - clean files used to build "
@echo " distclean - execute clean and remove all output files "
@echo " help - show this help and exit "
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