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from uuid import uuid4
from social_auth.utils import setting
from social_auth.models import UserSocialAuth
from social_auth.backends import USERNAME
from social_auth.signals import socialauth_registered, \
def get_username(details, user=None,
*args, **kwargs):
"""Return an username for new user. Return current user username
if user was given.
if user:
return {'username': user.username}
if details.get(USERNAME):
username = unicode(details[USERNAME])
username = uuid4().get_hex()
uuid_length = 16
max_length = UserSocialAuth.username_max_length()
short_username = username[:max_length - uuid_length]
final_username = username[:max_length]
# Generate a unique username for current user using username
# as base but adding a unique hash at the end. Original
# username is cut to avoid any field max_length.
while user_exists(username=final_username):
username = short_username + uuid4().get_hex()[:uuid_length]
final_username = username[:max_length]
return {'username': final_username}
def create_user(backend, details, response, uid, username, user=None, *args,
"""Create user. Depends on get_username pipeline."""
if user:
return {'user': user}
if not username:
return None
# NOTE: not return None because Django raises exception of strip email
email = details.get('email') or ''
return {
'user': UserSocialAuth.create_user(username=username, email=email),
'is_new': True
def update_user_details(backend, details, response, user, is_new=False, *args,
"""Update user details using data from provider."""
changed = False # flag to track changes
for name, value in details.iteritems():
# do not update username, it was already generated
# do not update configured fields if user already existed
if name in (USERNAME, 'id', 'pk') or (not is_new and
name in setting('SOCIAL_AUTH_PROTECTED_USER_FIELDS', [])):
if value and value != getattr(user, name, None):
setattr(user, name, value)
changed = True
# Fire a pre-update signal sending current backend instance,
# user instance (created or retrieved from database), service
# response and processed details.
# Also fire socialauth_registered signal for newly registered
# users.
# Signal handlers must return True or False to signal instance
# changes. Send method returns a list of tuples with receiver
# and it's response.
signal_response = lambda (receiver, response): response
signal_kwargs = {'sender': backend.__class__, 'user': user,
'response': response, 'details': details}
changed |= any(filter(signal_response, pre_update.send(**signal_kwargs)))
# Fire socialauth_registered signal on new user registration
if is_new:
changed |= any(filter(signal_response,
if changed:
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