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@@ -18,5 +18,11 @@ To enable Twitter these two keys are needed. Further documentation at
Client type instead of the Browser. Almost any dummy value will work if
you plan some test.
+Twitter usually fails with a 401 error when trying to call the request-token
+URL, this is usually caused by server datetime errors (check miscellaneous
+section). Installing ``ntp`` and syncing the server date with some pool does
+the trick.
.. _Twitter development resources:
.. _Twitter App Creation:
10 doc/miscellaneous.rst
@@ -48,6 +48,16 @@ Facebook backend. The bug report `#315`_ explains it a bit more and shows
a workaround fit avoid it.
+Server date time
+Bad date in the server might cause errors in the auth process on some services
+like Twitter (probably all OAuth1.0 since timestamp is passed in the parameters
+to request a token).
+This issue is usually solved by installing ``ntp`` in the server (which is
+a good practice to have too), and syncing the time with some ntp pool service.
.. _South:
.. _django-social-auth:

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