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@@ -512,7 +512,16 @@ social accounts for a given backend (not really useful IMO)::
Or to disconnect individual accounts::
- {% url "socialauth_disconnect_individual" "backend-name" backend-id %}
+ {% url "socialauth_disconnect_individual" "backend-name" association_id %}
+For example, given a ``UserSocialAuth`` instance under the name ``social`` in
+templates context, you can create a link to disconnect that association with::
+ <a href="{% url "socialauth_disconnect_individual" social.provider %}">Disconnect {{ social.provider }}</a>
+or disconnect all association for given provider with::
+ <a href="{% url "socialauth_disconnect" social.provider %}">Disconnect {{ social.provider }}</a>
You can set SOCIAL_AUTH_REVOKE_TOKENS_ON_DISCONNECT to True if you wish to revoke
tokens on disconnect (only some backends support this).

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