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I want to put "disconnect"-buttons on a user's profile-page for each backend they are connected to and it seems that {% url "socialauth_disconnect_individual" "backend-name" backend-id %} is the ticket. But:

  1. What is the backend-id? It maps to association_id, neither of which is described further. Given that one has a connected user-model, how does one look up the association_id?
  2. If I read the documentation and source correctly; the disconnect-views can only operate on the logged-in user. The buttons will be visible for and clickable by staff, which can do things on behalf of a user, which can thus accidentally disconnect themselves instead of the user they thought they were disconnecting. "Explicit is better than implicit"? It's not necessarily obvious on skimming the templates what's going on, especially with the mysterious backend-id.

The disconnect-view calls backend.disconnect(), which can take any user. I'm assuming the solution to my problem is to write a new view that will call backend.disconnect() with the user owning the profile instead of the user currently logged in?


@kaleissin, I've pushed an small code clarification in the docs. Disconnect is in fact for current users, at least the view enforces that but you can create your own view to handle your project requirements (staff members disconnecting social accounts from another users).

backend-id wasn't correct in the docs, it should be association_id, which is the id from the UserSocialAuth instance.

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