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Support Django url namespaces #86

miracle2k opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Internally, django-social-auth should reverse all of it's urls using a namespace prefix, for example:


It should then expose it's urlpatterns via a 3-tuple, like the admin does, maybe as:

  as_app = (urlpatterns, 'socialauth', 'socialauth')

This would allow people to avoid view name clashes by including social_auth like this:

  (r'^auth/', include('social_auth.urls.as_app')),

People who don't care can still reverse the urls without the prefix, so there is no backwards-compatibility issue. But if the urls are included with a namespace, they must be referenced with one, and so right now, if one includes the social-auth rules application or instance name, the app itself can no longer reverse it's own urls.


Completely agree. Sure, it's not a deal breaker but it makes it easier to organize things.


I may take a stab at this.


Work for this is part of python-social-auth, the namespace is social. Closing due to django-social-auth deprecation.

@omab omab closed this
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