Python script to graph or list an Electric Sheep farm
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Copyright (C) 2009 Matías Aguirre

Electric sheep Graph utility


farm is a Python script to show the relations between sheeps in a `Electric Sheep`_ sheep flock. It has options to output as a graph, filter missing sheeps, graph paths, etc.


Dependencies that must be meet to use the app:

Parameters description

Some script parameters:

--graphs    Will create a file with the graph data, one file per

--color     Should the graph has colours? At the moment the color
            marks are for missing/existing files.
            Default to true

--output-type   Output type, defaults to SVG.

--only-biggest  Only process the biggest path in a flock (useful for
                playing big sheep sequences of).

--print-paths   Outputs files in graph paths, useful to do:
                mplayer -fs -really-quiet -fixed-vo $(./farm --print-paths)
                to play sheep sequences.

--full-play     Outputs all the paths as --print-paths, one after each other.

--no-discard-loner  By default loner nodes are discarded from outputs.

--no-discard-missing  By default nodes which files are missing are discarded
                      from outputs.

--flock     Limit output to the passed flock

farm uses graphviz to output it's graph data, supporting all its formats.