Django-Allauth flows implemented with python-social-auth
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Django-Allauth flows with python-social-auth

This is an small demo project looking to mimic django-allauth flows as they are detailed in their docs using python-social-auth. This comes as an answer to a request on reddit.

Running the demos

The project is quite easy to setup once the dependencies are met. Follow these steps:

  • Clone the repository:

    $ git clone
    $ cd psa-allauth
  • Lets create a virtualenv (I'm using virtualenvwrapper here):

    psa-allauth $ mkvirt demo
    [demo] psa-allauth $
  • Install the dependencies (django and python-social-auth):

    [demo] psa-allauth $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Copy as and fill the blanks:

    [demo] psa-allauth $ cp example/ example/
  • Sync the database:

    [demo] psa-allauth $ python syncdb --noinput
  • Run the demo:

    [demo] psa-allauth $ python runserver
  • Open a browser at http://localhost:8000/ and follow the instructions there.