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HubStorage client library
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Hub Storage client library


This module is experimental and its API may change without previous notice.

This is the HubStorage client library, which contains:

  • basic client api (hubstorage.Client)
  • a simple command line tool (hubstorage.tool)
  • a tool to convert log files from log.json API format to HubStorage format (hubstorage.shlog2jl)


Basic API

Example creating a new job:

>> hs = HSClient(auth=apikey)
>> job = hs.new_job(projectid='1111111', spider='foo')
>> job.key

>> job.metadata['state']

>> job.update(state='running')
>> job.metadata['state']

>>'Job started')
>> job.items.write({'title': 'lorem ipsum...'})


Example getting job data later:

>> job = hs.get_job('1111111/1/1')
>> job.metadata['state']

>> job.logs.get().next()
{'message': 'Job started', 'time': 123456789, 'level': 20}

>> job.items.get().next()
{'title': 'lorem ipsum...'}

Basic API (old)

Example for writing:

from hubstorage import Client
client = Client()
with client.open_item_writer('items/1/2/3') as writer:
    for item in items:

Example for reading:

from hubstorage import Client
client = Client()
for item in client.iter_items('items/1/2/3'):
    print item

Command line tool

Some example usage:

To dump the items of a job in jsonlines format:

python -m hubstorage.tool --dump items/53/34/7

To upload a jsonlines file into a job:

cat items.jl | python -m hubstorage.tool --load items/53/34/7

To upload a jsonlines file into a job using pipe viewer to monitor progress and throughput:

pv -l items.jl | python -m hubstorage.tool --load items/53/34/7
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