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Migrating from python-social-auth to split social

Since Dec 03 2016, python-social-auth is marked as deprecated and the community is recommended to migrate towards the packages created in the organization repository.

The new organization split the monolithic structure into smaller packages with their responsibility well defined, and better dependencies handling.

Since v0.3.0, python-social-auth cleaned up the code and added the needed imports to the new libraries and defined a single dependency in the requirements.txt file, social-auth-core, this aims to ease the transition to the new structure.

But that won't solve everybody situation, people using the different frameworks also need to define their corresponding requirement, or use one of the defined extras in the file.


Django users need to add the social-auth-app-django dependency. Those using mongoengine, need to add social-auth-app-mongoengine.


Several errors were reported due to migrations not applying properly when migrating to the new app, most of them are caused because the app switched names a few times, from default to social_auth, and probably something else in between. That's the reason the migrations define the replaces attribute, that way Django can identify already applied migrations and not run them again.

In order to make complete the move to the new project setup, first ensure to move to python-social-auth==0.2.21, run the migrations at that point, then continue with the move to the new project and run the migrations again. Steps:

  1. Update to 0.2.21

    pip install "python-social-auth==0.2.21"
  2. Run migrations

    python migrate
  3. Move to the new project

  4. Run migrations again

    python migrate


  • Update your references to social.* in your settings, most notably:
    • AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS are now under social_core.* (e.g. social_core.backends.facebook.FacebookOAuth2).
    • Context processors are now under social_django (e.g. social_django.context_processors.backends).
    • MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES are now under social_django (e.g. social_django.middleware.SocialAuthExceptionMiddleware).
    • If you have it overridden, SOCIAL_AUTH_PIPELINE setting.
  • Update your INSTALLED_APPS to include social_django instead of social.apps.django_app.default.
  • Update your urls patterns to include 'social_django.urls' instead of 'social.apps.django_app.urls'.

Extras supported

$ pip install python-social-auth[django]
$ pip install python-social-auth[django-mongoengine]


Flask users need to add social-auth-app-flask, and depending on the storage solution, add one of the following too:

  • social-auth-app-flask-sqlalchemy when using SQLAlchemy
  • social-auth-app-flask-mongoengine when using Mongoengine
  • social-auth-app-flask-peewee when using Peewee

Extras supported

$ pip install python-social-auth[flask]
$ pip install python-social-auth[flask-mongoengine]
$ pip install python-social-auth[flask-peewee]


Pyramid users need to add social-auth-app-pyramid to their dependencies.

Extras supported

$ pip install python-social-auth[pyramid]


Tornado users need to add social-auth-app-tornado to their dependencies.

Extras supported

$ pip install python-social-auth[tornado]

Webpy users need to add social-auth-app-webpy to their dependencies.

Extras supported

$ pip install python-social-auth[webpy]


Cherrypy users need to add social-auth-app-cherrypy to their dependencies.

Extras supported

$ pip install python-social-auth[cherrypy]