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vim-pep8 Project status


  1. Install pep8
  2. Copy the file ftplugin/python_pep8.vim to your ~/.vim/ftplugin directory


  1. Open a Python file
  2. Press <F6> to run pep8 on it

It shows the errors inside a quickfix window, which will allow your to quickly jump to the error locations by simply pressing [Enter].


If you don't want to use the <F6> key for PEP8-checking, simply remap it to another key. It autodetects whether it has been remapped and won't register the <F6> key if so. For example, to remap it to <F3> instead, use:

autocmd FileType python map <buffer> <F3> :call Pep8()<CR>


This plugin goes well together with the following plugins:

  • PyFlakes (Python static syntax checker under <F7>)
  • PyUnit (unit test helper under <F8> and <F9>)