An out-of-the-box Emacs configuration with super powers
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An out-of-the-box Emacs configuration with super powers, now also on Docker!



Clone the repository with

git clone

or download the repository as an archive and place it at your home directory. Once done, start Emacs or well, super Emacs.


Pull super-emacs docker image and start emacs

docker pull myterminal/super-emacs


  1. Minimal interface with almost everything except the window turned off
  2. Material theme applied by default, with a readable font-size
  3. MELPA added as a package archive
  4. Navigation through buffers simplified with winner and windmove.
  5. See command suggestions when C-x is pressed, using which-key
  6. Super-easy file system navigation with neotree
  7. No more welcome screen, Emacs starts up to greet you and shows the date
  8. Reload file in a buffer quickly with <f5>
  9. Python development ready!
  10. Fully integration with ZSH shell
  11. Use multi-term for all shell needs
  12. Git enabled with the power of magit
  13. Mark down ready

Pre-configured packages

  1. helm to take your Emacs experience to the next level
  2. multiple-cursors to be able to edit text in style
  3. ace-jump-mode to be able to jump around quickly
  4. powerline to decorate your mode-line and make it more informative
  5. switch-window to be able to switch windows visually
  6. buffer-move for moving buffers within windows quickly
  7. auto-complete for easy text editing
  8. ztree for an efficient directory tree comparison
  9. undo-tree to be able to visualize your changes in a buffer
  10. neotree to be able to spawn a tree at any directory
  11. dired-launch to be able to open files with their default applications from within dired
  12. which-key to be suggested with what you can do after pressing C-x
  13. meta-presenter for presenting slide-shows from within Emacs
  14. myterminal-controls for quick-toggle controls at a key-stroke
  15. theme-looper for switching themes in style
  16. magit for powerful integration with Git
  17. multi-term for a better console experience
  18. jedi, flycheck for a smooth experience while writing Python code - Refer to python.el for information about installing Python packages and configuring the jedi server)


Refer key-bindings.el for all the pre-configured key-bindings for your convenience.