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fuzzy-c-means is a Python module implementing the Fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm.


the fuzzy-c-means package is available in PyPI. to install, simply type the following command:

pip install fuzzy-c-means


if you use fuzzy-c-means package in your paper, please cite it in your publication.

  author       = {Madson Luiz Dantas Dias},
  title        = {fuzzy-c-means: An implementation of Fuzzy $C$-means clustering algorithm.},
  month        = may,
  year         = 2019,
  publisher    = {Zenodo},
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.3066222},
  url          = {}

contributing and support

this project is open for contributions. here are some of the ways for you to contribute:

  • bug reports/fix
  • features requests
  • use-case demonstrations

please open an issue with enough information for us to reproduce your problem. A minimal, reproducible example would be very helpful.

to make a contribution, just fork this repository, push the changes in your fork, open up an issue, and make a pull request!