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Shareable ESLint config to make "Prime Grade" quality code
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eslint-config-omaha-prime-grade npm npm

Shareable ESLint config to make "Prime Grade" quality code

Getting Started

It is assumed that you have already configured your project to use ESLint. If this is not the case, please see the ESLint documentation.

  • Install with npm install eslint-config-omaha-prime-grade --save-dev
  • Add omaha-prime-grade to the extends attribute of your ESLint configuration object


module.exports = {
    extends: 'omaha-prime-grade'


    "extends": "omaha-prime-grade"
  • Smile. You are done. Your code will thank you later.

All rules promote writing better code, but some address MITRE defined software weaknesses too.

Using the compat plugin

Why "Prime Grade"?

  • Omaha is known for its high quality steak.
  • Omaha should be known for just high quality (or at least high quality steak and code).
  • After ruminating on the concept of "high quality beef", I found that beef has some serious quality metrics.
  • As a resident engineer of Omaha that loves high quality and the metrics that maintain it...Applying the concept of "Prime Grade" to code seemed like a fairly obvious thing to do 😄
  • Generally, "Prime Grade Code" is sustainable (secure and maintainable)
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