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#php mysql insert csv xlsx to mysql Welcome to "Excel Web Manager v 0.1 Beta " , first of all the terms of use this program not to use this program in any unethical things . This program is beta version so the programmer is not responsible in any security problems .

This project Design to organized small business organization to convert csv or xlsx files into web forms allow to edit and insert informations to the databases or you can create tables in easy form .

others , this project came with internal message system who designed to get permissions level , so normal users can't send message to other group users and the admin of group can send the message to other admin group .

How to install ?

  1. after create the database , open file 'config.php' and insert the database informations : $DBhost = ""; // your database hostname $DBname = ""; // your database name $DBusername = ""; // your database username $DBpassword = ""; // your database password

  2. go to link : , create the admin account .