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/* ======================================================================= *//**
* @Component OMAPCONF
* @Filename camera-regbits-44xx.h
* @Description OMAP4 Camera Configuration
* @Author Edward Lee (
* @Date 2012
* @Copyright TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Incorporated
*//*======================================================================== */
* camera-regbits-44xx.h
* OMAP Power Configuration Tool ("omapconf")
* OMAP4 Camera Configuration
* Copyright (C) 2012 Texas Instruments, Inc.
* Written by Edward Lee (
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston,
* MA 02110-1301 USA.
#ifndef __CAMERA_REGBITS_44XX_H__
#define __CAMERA_REGBITS_44XX_H__
typedef unsigned int _Uint32t;
/* Aparently these are somewhat generic accross ISS sub-blocks */
struct iss_csi2_sysconfig_bits {
_Uint32t auto_idle:1;
_Uint32t soft_reset:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:10;
_Uint32t mstandby_mode:2;
_Uint32t __reserved2:18;
/* CAREFUL: Bits under TI Maximum restrictions! */
struct iss_revision_bits {
_Uint32t y_minor:6;
_Uint32t custom:2;
_Uint32t x_major:3;
_Uint32t r_rtl:5;
_Uint32t func:12;
_Uint32t __reserved1:2;
_Uint32t scheme:2;
/* ISS HL */
struct iss_hl_sysconfig_bits {
_Uint32t softreset:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:1;
_Uint32t idlemode:2;
_Uint32t standbymode:2;
_Uint32t __reserved2:26;
enum iss_ctrl_input_sel {
enum iss_ctrl_input_sel2 {
struct iss_ctrl_bits {
_Uint32t sync_detect:2;
_Uint32t input_sel:2;
_Uint32t iss_clk_div:2;
_Uint32t __reserved1:10;
_Uint32t ccp2r_tag_cnt:4;
_Uint32t ccp2w_tag_cnt:4;
_Uint32t csi2_a_tag_cnt:4;
_Uint32t csi2_b_tag_cnt:4;
struct iss_clk_bits {
_Uint32t simcop:1;
_Uint32t isp:1;
_Uint32t csi2_a:1;
_Uint32t csi2_b:1;
_Uint32t ccp2:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:23;
_Uint32t vport0_clk:1;
_Uint32t vport1_clk:1;
_Uint32t vport2_clk:1;
_Uint32t vport3_clk:1;/* OMAP4460 and OMAP4470 only */
struct iss_pm_status_bits {
_Uint32t csi2_a_pm:2;
_Uint32t csi2_b_pm:2;
_Uint32t ccp2_pm:2;
_Uint32t isp_pm:2;
_Uint32t simcop_pm:2;
_Uint32t bte_pm:2;
_Uint32t cbuff_pm:2;
_Uint32t __reserved1:18;
struct iss_top_irq_regs {
_Uint32t status_raw;
_Uint32t status;
_Uint32t enable_set;
_Uint32t enable_clr;
struct iss_top_regs {
struct iss_revision_bits hl_revision;
_Uint32t __reserved1[3];
struct iss_hl_sysconfig_bits hl_sysconfig;
_Uint32t __reserved2[3];
struct iss_top_irq_regs irq[6];
struct iss_ctrl_bits ctrl;
struct iss_clk_bits clkctrl;
struct iss_clk_bits clkstat;
struct iss_pm_status_bits pm_status;
/* CAREFUL: Bits under TI Maximum restrictions! */
struct iss_csi2_revision_bits {
_Uint32t minor:4;
_Uint32t major:4;
_Uint32t __reserved1:24;
struct iss_csi2_sysstatus_bits {
_Uint32t reset_done:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:31;
enum iss_csi2_ctrl_vp_out_ctrl {
struct iss_csi2_ctrl_bits {
_Uint32t if_en:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:1;
_Uint32t ecc_en:1;
_Uint32t frame:1;
_Uint32t endianness:1;
_Uint32t burst_size:2;
_Uint32t dbg_en:1;
_Uint32t vp_out_ctrl:2;
_Uint32t streaming_32_bit:1;
_Uint32t vp_only_en:1;
_Uint32t __reserved2:1;
_Uint32t non_posted_write:1;
_Uint32t __reserved3:1;
_Uint32t vp_clk_en:1;
_Uint32t burst_size_expand:1;
_Uint32t mflag_levl:1;
_Uint32t mflag_levh:1;
_Uint32t __reserved4:7;
struct iss_csi2_complexio_cfg_bits {
_Uint32t clock_position:3;
_Uint32t clock_pol:1;
_Uint32t data1_position:3;
_Uint32t data1_pol:1;
_Uint32t data2_position:3;
_Uint32t data2_pol:1;
_Uint32t data3_position:3;
_Uint32t data3_pol:1;
_Uint32t data4_position:3;
_Uint32t data4_pol:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:4;
_Uint32t pwr_auto:1;
_Uint32t pwr_status:2;
_Uint32t pwr_cmd:2;
_Uint32t reset_done:1;
_Uint32t reset_ctrl:1;
_Uint32t __reserved2:1;
struct iss_csi2_timing_bits {
_Uint32t stop_state_counter_io1:13;
_Uint32t stop_state_x4_io1:1;
_Uint32t stop_state_x16_io1:1;
_Uint32t force_rx_mode_io1:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:16;
struct iss_csi2_ctx_ctrl1_bits {
_Uint32t ctx_en:1;
_Uint32t line_modulo:1;
_Uint32t vp_force:1;
_Uint32t ping_pong:1;
_Uint32t count_unlock:1;
_Uint32t cs_en:1;
_Uint32t eol_en:1;
_Uint32t eof_en:1;
_Uint32t count:8;
_Uint32t fec_number:8;
_Uint32t transcode:4;
_Uint32t hscale:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:1;
_Uint32t generic:1;
_Uint32t byteswap:1;
struct iss_csi2_ctx_ctrl2_bits {
_Uint32t format:10;
_Uint32t dpcm_pred:1;
_Uint32t virtual_id:2;
_Uint32t user_def_mapping:2;
_Uint32t __reserved1:1;
_Uint32t frame:16;
struct iss_csi2_ctx_ctrl3_bits {
_Uint32t line_number:16;
_Uint32t alpha:14;
_Uint32t __reserved1:2;
struct iss_csi2_ctx_regs {
struct iss_csi2_ctx_ctrl1_bits ctrl1;
struct iss_csi2_ctx_ctrl2_bits ctrl2;
_Uint32t dat_ofst;
_Uint32t dat_ping_addr;
_Uint32t dat_pong_addr;
_Uint32t irq_enable;
_Uint32t irq_status;
struct iss_csi2_ctx_ctrl3_bits ctrl3;
struct iss_csi2_regs {
struct iss_csi2_revision_bits revision;
_Uint32t __reserved1[3];
struct iss_csi2_sysconfig_bits sysconfig;
struct iss_csi2_sysstatus_bits sysstatus;
_Uint32t irqenable;
_Uint32t irqstatus;
_Uint32t __reserved2[8];
struct iss_csi2_ctrl_bits ctrl;
_Uint32t dbg_h;
_Uint32t __reserved3[2];
struct iss_csi2_complexio_cfg_bits complexio_cfg;
_Uint32t complexio_irqstatus;
_Uint32t __reserved4;
_Uint32t short_packet;
_Uint32t complexio_irqenable;
_Uint32t __reserved5;
_Uint32t dbg_p;
struct iss_csi2_timing_bits timing;
struct iss_csi2_ctx_regs ctx[8];
struct iss_ccp2_regs {
_Uint32t revision;
_Uint32t sysconfig;
_Uint32t sysstatus;
_Uint32t lc01_irqenable;
_Uint32t lc01_irqstatus;
_Uint32t lc23_irqenable;
_Uint32t lc23_irqstatus;
_Uint32t __reserved1[4];
_Uint32t lcm_irqenable;
_Uint32t lcm_irqstatus;
_Uint32t __reserved2[3];
_Uint32t ctrl;
_Uint32t dbg;
_Uint32t gnq;
_Uint32t ctrl1;
_Uint32t __reserve4[96];
_Uint32t lcm_ctrl;
_Uint32t lcm_vsize;
_Uint32t lcm_hsize;
_Uint32t lcm_prefetch;
_Uint32t lcm_src_addr;
_Uint32t lcm_src_ofst;
_Uint32t lcm_dst_addr;
_Uint32t lcm_dst_ofst;
_Uint32t lcm_history;
/* ISP5_SYS1 */
struct iss_isp5_sysconfig_bits {
_Uint32t auto_idle:1;
_Uint32t softreset:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:2;
_Uint32t standbymode:2;
_Uint32t __reserved2:26;
struct iss_isp5_ctrl_bits {
_Uint32t ocp_wrnp:1;
_Uint32t vbusm_cpriority:3;
_Uint32t vbusm_cids:4;
_Uint32t psync_clk_sel:1;
_Uint32t sync_enable:1;
_Uint32t ipipeif_clk_enable:1;
_Uint32t ipipe_clk_enable:1;
_Uint32t rsz_clk_enable:1;
_Uint32t h3a_clk_enable:1;
_Uint32t isif_clk_enable:1;
_Uint32t bl_clk_enable:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:4;
_Uint32t mstandby_wait:1;
_Uint32t mflag:1;
_Uint32t pclk_inv:1;
_Uint32t vd_pulse_ext:1;
_Uint32t mstandby:1;
_Uint32t dpc_evt_ini:1;
_Uint32t hst_rd_chk:1;
_Uint32t bsc_rd_chk:1;
_Uint32t __reserved2:2;
_Uint32t dma3_cfg:2;
struct iss_isp5_sys1_regs {
struct iss_revision_bits revision;
_Uint32t hwinfo1;
_Uint32t hwinfo2;
_Uint32t __reserved1;
struct iss_isp5_sysconfig_bits sysconfig;
_Uint32t __reserved2[4];
struct iss_top_irq_regs irq[4];
_Uint32t dmaenable_set;
_Uint32t dmaenable_clr;
struct iss_isp5_ctrl_bits ctrl;
_Uint32t pg;
_Uint32t pg_pulse_ctrl;
_Uint32t pg_frame_size;
_Uint32t mpsr;
_Uint32t bl_mtc1;
_Uint32t bl_mtc2;
_Uint32t bl_vbusm;
struct iss_resizer_revision_bits {
_Uint32t minor:4;
_Uint32t major:4;
_Uint32t __reserved1:24;
struct iss_resizer_sysconfig_bits {
_Uint32t autogating:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:7;
_Uint32t rsza_clk_en:1;
_Uint32t rszb_clk_en:1;
_Uint32t __reserved2:22;
struct iss_resizer_ab_regs {
_Uint32t en;
_Uint32t mode;
_Uint32t n420;
_Uint32t i_vps;
_Uint32t i_hps;
_Uint32t o_vsz;
_Uint32t o_hsz;
_Uint32t v_phs_y;
_Uint32t v_phs_c;
_Uint32t v_dif;
_Uint32t v_typ;
_Uint32t v_lpf;
_Uint32t h_phs;
_Uint32t h_phs_adj;
_Uint32t h_dif;
_Uint32t h_typ;
_Uint32t h_lpf;
_Uint32t dwn_en;
_Uint32t dwn_av;
_Uint32t rgb_en;
_Uint32t rgb_typ;
_Uint32t rgb_bld;
_Uint32t sdr_y_bad_h;
_Uint32t sdr_y_bad_l;
_Uint32t sdr_y_sad_h;
_Uint32t sdr_y_sad_l;
_Uint32t sdr_y_oft;
_Uint32t sdr_y_ptr_s;
_Uint32t sdr_y_ptr_e;
_Uint32t sdr_c_bad_h;
_Uint32t sdr_c_bad_l;
_Uint32t sdr_c_sad_h;
_Uint32t sdr_c_sad_l;
_Uint32t sdr_c_oft;
_Uint32t sdr_c_ptr_s;
_Uint32t sdr_c_ptr_e;
struct iss_resizer_src_en_bits {
_Uint32t en:1;
_Uint32t __reserved:31;
struct iss_resizer_src_mode_bits {
_Uint32t ost:1;
_Uint32t wrt:1;
_Uint32t __reserved:30;
struct iss_resizer_src_fmt0_bits {
_Uint32t sel:1;
_Uint32t bypass:1;
_Uint32t __reserved:30;
struct iss_resizer_src_fmt1_bits {
_Uint32t raw:1;
_Uint32t in420:1;
_Uint32t col:1;
_Uint32t chr:1;
_Uint32t __reserved:28;
struct iss_resizer_regs {
struct iss_resizer_revision_bits revision;
struct iss_resizer_sysconfig_bits sysconfig;
_Uint32t __reserved1;
_Uint32t in_fifo_ctrl;
_Uint32t gnc;
_Uint32t fracdiv;
_Uint32t __reserved2[2];
struct iss_resizer_src_en_bits src_en;
struct iss_resizer_src_mode_bits src_mode;
struct iss_resizer_src_fmt0_bits src_fmt0;
struct iss_resizer_src_fmt1_bits src_fmt1;
_Uint32t src_vps;
_Uint32t src_vsz;
_Uint32t src_hps;
_Uint32t src_hsz;
_Uint32t dma_rza;
_Uint32t dma_rzb;
_Uint32t dma_sta;
_Uint32t gck_mmr;
_Uint32t __reserved3;
_Uint32t gck_sdr;
_Uint32t irq_rza;
_Uint32t irq_rzb;
_Uint32t yuv_y_min;
_Uint32t yuv_y_max;
_Uint32t yuv_c_min;
_Uint32t yuv_c_max;
_Uint32t yuv_phs;
_Uint32t seq;
struct iss_resizer_ab_regs rza;
struct iss_resizer_ab_regs rzb;
struct iss_ipipe_src_en_bits {
_Uint32t en:1;
_Uint32t __reserved:31;
struct iss_ipipe_src_mode_bits {
_Uint32t ost:1;
_Uint32t wrt:1;
_Uint32t __reserved:30;
struct iss_ipipe_src_fmt_bits {
_Uint32t fmt:2;
_Uint32t __reserved:30;
struct iss_ipipe_regs {
struct iss_ipipe_src_en_bits src_en;
struct iss_ipipe_src_mode_bits src_mode;
struct iss_ipipe_src_fmt_bits src_fmt;
_Uint32t src_col;
_Uint32t src_vps;
_Uint32t src_vsz;
_Uint32t src_hps;
_Uint32t src_hsz;
_Uint32t sel_sbu;
_Uint32t src_sta;
_Uint32t gck_mmr;
_Uint32t gck_pix;
_Uint32t __reserved1;
/* TODO: Add the rest! */
/* ISS_ISIF */
struct iss_isif_syncen_bits {
_Uint32t syen:1;
_Uint32t dwen:1;
_Uint32t __reserved:30;
struct iss_isif_modeset_bits {
_Uint32t hdvdd:1;
_Uint32t fidd:1;
_Uint32t vdpol:1;
_Uint32t hdpol:1;
_Uint32t fdpol:1;/* OMAP4460 and OMAP4470 only */
_Uint32t swen:1;
_Uint32t dpol:1;
_Uint32t ccdmd:1;
_Uint32t ccdw:3;
_Uint32t ovf:1;
_Uint32t inpmod:2;
_Uint32t hlpf:1;/* OMAP4460 and OMAP4470 only */
_Uint32t __reserved3:17;
struct iss_isif_ccdcfg_bits {
_Uint32t sdrpack:2;
_Uint32t __reserved1:2;
_Uint32t ycinswp:1;
_Uint32t bt656:1;
_Uint32t fidmd:2;
_Uint32t wenlog:1;
_Uint32t trgsel:1;
_Uint32t extrg:1;
_Uint32t y8pos:1;
_Uint32t bswd:1;
_Uint32t msbinvi:1;
_Uint32t __reserved2:1;
_Uint32t vldc:1;
_Uint32t __reserved3:16;
struct iss_isif_regs {
struct iss_isif_syncen_bits syncen;
struct iss_isif_modeset_bits modeset;
_Uint32t hdw;
_Uint32t vdw;
_Uint32t ppln;
_Uint32t lpfr;
_Uint32t sph;
_Uint32t lnh;
_Uint32t __reserved1[2];
_Uint32t lnv;
_Uint32t culh;
_Uint32t culv;
_Uint32t hsize;
_Uint32t __reserved2;
_Uint32t cadu;
_Uint32t cadl;
_Uint32t lincfg0;
_Uint32t lincfg1;
_Uint32t ccolp;
_Uint32t crgain;
_Uint32t cgrgain;
_Uint32t cgbgain;
_Uint32t cbgain;
_Uint32t cofsta;
_Uint32t vdint[3];
_Uint32t misc;
_Uint32t cgammawd;
_Uint32t rec656if;
struct iss_isif_ccdcfg_bits ccdcfg;
_Uint32t dfcctl;
_Uint32t vdfsatlv;
_Uint32t dfcmemctl;
_Uint32t dfcmem[5];
_Uint32t clampcfg;
/* TODO: Add the rest! */
struct iss_ipipeif_enable_bits {
_Uint32t enable:1;
_Uint32t syncoff:1;
_Uint32t __reserved:30;
struct iss_ipipeif_cfg1_bits {
_Uint32t oneshot:1;
_Uint32t decim:1;
_Uint32t inpsrc2:2;
_Uint32t __reserved1:3;
_Uint32t avgfilt:1;
_Uint32t unpack:2;
_Uint32t clksel:1;
_Uint32t datasft:3;
_Uint32t inpsrc1:2;
_Uint32t __reserved2:16;
struct iss_ipipeif_cfg2_bits {
_Uint32t intsw:1;
_Uint32t hdpol:1;
_Uint32t vdpol:1;
_Uint32t yuv16:1;
_Uint32t __reserved1:1;
_Uint32t dfsdir:1;
_Uint32t yuv8:1;
_Uint32t yuv8p:1;
_Uint32t __reserved2:24;
struct iss_ipipeif_regs {
struct iss_ipipeif_enable_bits enable;
struct iss_ipipeif_cfg1_bits cfg1;
_Uint32t ppln;
_Uint32t lpfr;
_Uint32t hnum;
_Uint32t vnum;
_Uint32t addru;
_Uint32t addrl;
_Uint32t adofs;
_Uint32t rsz;
_Uint32t gain;
_Uint32t dpcm;
struct iss_ipipeif_cfg2_bits cfg2;
_Uint32t inirsz;
_Uint32t oclip;
_Uint32t dtudf;
_Uint32t clkdiv;
_Uint32t dpc1;
_Uint32t dpc2;
_Uint32t rsz3a;
_Uint32t inirsz3a;
/* ISS_H3A */
struct iss_h3a_regs {
struct iss_revision_bits pid;
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