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By default ByteSize now assumes 1 KB == 1000 B and 1 KiB == 1024 B to
adhere to the IEC and NIST standards (
In the past ByteSize assumed 1 KB == 1024 B, that means if you're upgrading
from v1, you'll see differences in values.

Other Breaking Changes:

  • Renamed property LargestWholeNumberSymbol and LargestWholeNumberValue to LargestWholeNumberDecimalSymbol and LargestWholeNumberDecimalValue respectively.
  • Drop support for all platforms except netstandard1.0 and net45.

New Features:

  • Support for binary and decimal values (e.g. ByteSize.FromKibiByte and ByteSize.FromKiloByte). (#24 by @omar)
  • New constructor that takes a long value as the number of bits.
  • Support for culture on Parse and TryParse. (#39 by @P-Storm)