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My Vim Configuration
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This repository keeps track of my Vim workflow.

This configuration assumes MacOS (Latest) and a Qwerty keyboard. As of late, my VIM configuration has become focused around Rust.


Screen Shoot

Vim Setup

1- Install NeoVim. This configuration file is made to work with NeoVim (not gVim or Vi). It might function with VIM but no garantuees.

2- Install vundle

$ git clone ~/.nvim/bundle/vundle

3- Install a PowerLine font from

4- Finally, run the following command in Vim to install the vundle packages.

$ :BundleInstall


1- Code Highlighting.

2- Syntax Checking for Rust (Can extend to other languages of your choice).

3- A directories and files explorer.

4- Intelligent Status Bar.

5- AutoSave file.

6- Code Formatter for Rust (using RustFMT).

7- Substitution and search highlighting.

8- Git Status bar

9- Some useful keyboard shortcuts.

Key Bindings

1- Use Space+j, Space+h, Space+k, Space+l to move between split windows.

2- Use UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT to resize the current window.

3- Use B to select the text inside a Tag, and V to select the whole tag.

4- Use W to select the current word, X to select the text inside parens and C to select text between quotes.

5- Use jj instead of Esc to switch to the command mode.

6- Use r to replace selected text with text in the clipboard.

7- Up, Left, Down and Right keys are disabled in command mode. Use j, h, k, and l instead.

8- Use cc to comment/uncomment a block of code. More commands are available through the NerdCommenter plugin.

9- Use :S to highlight substitution.

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