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Annotations for coffeedoc #37

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I've added support for annotations.

The Idea is to (together with issue #35) create your own custom template, teaching it your annotations and have them highlighted without writing markdown everytime.

The second commit changes the default-template to add support for

(PARAM and RETURN in uppercase..)

manuelschneider added some commits Aug 23, 2012
@manuelschneider manuelschneider Added two props to module methods for use in the templates:
  * annotations -- Holds an object { 'PARAM': [ {value: "text..."}, ... ], ...  }
  * annotationFreeDocstring(which) -- strips annotations from the docstring
      which may null (strip all annotations) or an array (strip some specific
@manuelschneider manuelschneider added support for @PARAM and @RETURN annotations to the default-template 7742e2d

Thanks for this, and your other pull requests. I'm super busy at the moment but I'll try to get these merged over the next couple of weeks.


I'm not a big fan of annotations, I don't use them myself and I don't really understand their purpose. I'd rather leave them out of the core. The latest version (0.3.0) adds CLI options for custom parsers, renderers, and templates. These could be used to achieve the same thing: write a custom parser that understands your annotation syntax, and pass the output to a custom template.

@omarkhan omarkhan closed this Oct 31, 2013
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