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👉 An Multilingual Emotion Classification Web Service

This is a simple web service used to classify text into its pertaining emotion. It works with languages such as English, Spanish and French. A Research Project by IDEALab. Presented in ASONAM 2015

👉 Abstract

Traditional classifiers require extracting high dimensional feature representations, which become computationally expensive to process and can misrepresent or deteriorate the accuracy of a classifier. By utilizing a more representative list of extracted patterns, we can improve the precision and recall of a classification task. In this paper, we propose an unsupervised graph-based approach for bootstrapping Twitter-specific emotion-bearing patterns. Due to its novel bootstrapping process, the full system is also adaptable to different domains and classification problems. Furthermore, we explore how emotion-bearing patterns can help boost an emotion classification task. The experimented results demonstrate that the extracted patterns are effective in identifying emotions for English, Spanish and French Twitter streams.

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👉 Demo


👉 Demo Screenshot

alt text

👉 Status

In progress 🚧

👉 Contributors

👉 To-do sheet

  1. Convert the service into API
  2. Beautification
  3. Integration with other services

👉 How to Contribute?

  • Fork repository
  • Submit Pull Request

👉 Contact

For questions please email: ✉️