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Polysemy Embeddings, Semi Adversarial Networks, ULMFiT, Color Naming, Sentiment Style Transfer,…

Welcome to the 15th Issue of the NLP Newsletter! Here is this week’s notable NLP news!

On People…
Judea Pearl, AI pioneer, gives his advice on how we should move AI forward - Link

Meet the new Kaggle grand-master - Link

Color naming shaped by communicative need - Link

A simple approach to sentiment and style transfer - Link

Can a CNN learn when to reject and accept papers? - Link

On Education and Research…
Introducing ULMFiT a universal language model for fine-tuning through transfer learning (useful for many NLP tasks) - Link

Word Embeddings to Polysemy Embedding - Link

This paper introduces a la carte embedding, a simple and general alternative to the usual word2vec-based approaches for building word embeddings - Link

What can be learned from extrapolating to examples outside the training space - Link

Modeling semantics with graph neural networks, which help to build a knowledge-based Q/A system - Link

Deep Learning Winter course by Andrej Karpathy - Link

On Code and Data…
PyTorch implementation of a Semi Adversarial Network - Link

Computing derivatives with PyTorch - Link

Part of Speech tagging with LSTMs - Link

On Industry…
I doubt this is possible 😇 , nevertheless, here is DeepMind’s shot at understanding how the brain thinks - Link

Should we really be frightened about AI - Link

How Google researchers plan to advance the study of Semantic Textual Similarity - Link

Quotes of the day…
A potential useful way to detect spelling errors using word embeddings - Link

Interesting point of view by Denny Britz - Link

Illustrations of the day…
Learn more about BLEU and meaning representation in this upcoming new paper - Link

Worthy Mentions…
Demystifying Generative Adversarial Networks - Link

Solving detection of fake news through AI and NLP - Link

Universal language model to boost your NLP models - Link

NLP Newsletter by Sebastian Ruder - Link

If you spot any errors or inaccuracies in this newsletter please open an issue. Submit a pull request if you would like to add important NLP news here.