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Hyperbolic Attention Networks, Whistle to Music, Graph2Seq, Netflix Research, Intel NLP Tools,…

Welcome to the 16th Issue of the NLP Newsletter! Here is this week’s notable NLP news! Philosophical view of word embeddings; Netflix research website; Intel NLP python tools; DeepMind explores dopamine’s role in brain; Emotion flow in books; whistle to music; Hyperbolic attention networks; Graph to sequences; and much more…

On People…
A philosophical view of word embeddings and how they are deeply and linguistically motivated - Link

Modeling the flow of emotions over a book using RNNs (published in NAACL 2018) - Link

AI is harder than you think (opinion piece by Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis) - Link

Facebook AI researchers turn whistles into orchestral music using style transfer - Link

How DeepMind is using AI to explore dopamine’s role in learning - Link

On Education and Research…

How neural models, like LSTM, use context - Link

Hyperbolic attention networks that can match the complexity of data with hierarchical and power-law structure (useful for generalizing neural machine translation tasks) - Link


A step-by-step guide on how to solve 90% of NLP problems - Link

Deep exploration on how deep learning architectures model the compositionality of text sequences - Link

A list of the best free NLP and Machine Learning educational resources - Link

An interesting paper on teaching machines the ability to learn textual/visual relationships - Link

Graph2Seq models graph using graph-based neural network through novel aggregation strategy mechanism - Link

On Code and Data…
1000+ games for reinforcement learning research by OpenAI - Link

A dataset and model for comprehending paragraphs describing processes - Link

How to obtain a good corpus for grammar correction via translation - Link

On Industry…
The race for open source neural machine translation - Link

Netflix announces research website on Medium (discuss research and ML resources) - Link

Hugging Face, NLP-based startup, raises $4M to create emotional intelligent chatbots - Link

Intel open source python library for exploring state-of-the-art deep learning techniques for NLP - Link


Quotes of the week
On context for understanding linguistic phenomena

Terminology preferences

Rendering effective charts

Illustrations of the week
Opportunities in linguistics - Source


Worthy Mentions…
Understanding LSTM and its diagrams - Link

The role of AI and NLP in customer experience - Link

If you spot any errors or inaccuracies in this newsletter please open an issue. Submit a pull request if you would like to add important NLP news here.