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Issue 2 - Best of NLP research, Bipolar Detection, OpenAI’s faster neural networks, Sarcastobot, …

Release Date: January 19, 2018

On People…

Summary of some of the latest and most important works on NLP (2016 - Current)
Source: 57 Summaries of Machine Learning and NLP Research

How emotion recognition through voice will help machines to have a healthy relationship with humans.
Source: Wired

AI and Natural Language Processing used to improve care for heart failure patients.
Source: HealthITAnalytics

On Code and Data…

OpenAI releases fast and memory-efficient deep neural networks via gradient-checkpointing.
Source: Github

Sarcastic conversational bot.
Source: Sarcastobot

Bipolar Detection through Tweets. My lab is involved in this one! very cool stuff!
Source: MIT Technology Review

On Education and Research…

This recent paper proposes a transfer learning approach that is effective for various NLP tasks.
Source: Fine-tuned Language Models for Text Classification

A new book released by a Microsoft team talks about the societal issues of technologies such as AI.
Source: The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and its role in society

On Industry…

Alibaba outperforms humans at comprehension test (SQuAD), according to various sources.
Source: Bloomberg

The Google Brain Team reviews the best of their ML and AI work for the year 2017.
Source: Google Research Blog

Are chatbots dead? This article discusses the current state of Facebook’s M (virtual assistant) and why Facebook is planning to shut it down.
Source: Wired

Worthy mentions…

How to capture the curiosity and imagination of your audience when delivering scientific presentations.
Source: The David Attenborough Style of Scientific Presentation

Interesting curated list of the best in AI by Denny Britz.
Source: The Wild Week in AI

NLP Newsletter by Sebastian Ruder.
Source: NLP Newsletter Issue #14

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